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Published: 03 Nov 2006
Using delegates can add a lot of flexibility to your applications. But hearing this is much different than experiencing the reality of it. In this article we’ll explore how delegates along with events provide loose coupling and make your applications less brittle.
by Stephen Rylander
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A staple of any good management class is pounding into young executives’ heads that they should delegate when possible.  These gurus of commerce do not say to always delegate because it’s obvious that expert knowledge should sometimes directly handle a task or project.  But the premise is solid.  And the premise applies to our world of software.

The .NET Framework provides us with a staid and true mechanism for creating delegates and wiring up events.  It’s a powerful platform provided for free to us, so taking advantage of it is something a developer should aspire to do without much hesitation.  Events are brothers-in-arms with delegates.  They work together so smoothly that you might not even realize that events in the Framework and Windows Forms applications are actually using delegates behind the scenes.

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