Events in Windows Presentation Foundation
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Published: 14 Dec 2006
The way that events are handled in user interface is enhanced in Windows Presentation Foundation and .NET 3.0. Different routing strategies, different event argument types and different events let you to build powerful user interfaces which were so hard to build with older graphic user interfaces. In this article Keyvan discusses about events in Windows Presentation Foundation and some related topics.
by Keyvan Nayyeri
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Like any graphic user interface engine, Windows Presentation Foundation, a collection of rich APIs which provide appropriate functionalities for building user interfaces in .NET 3.0, has some ways to handle events.  End users interact with user interfaces and have a wide range of mouse or keyboard events to deal with user interface in order to choose items and fire events.  Then developer's code should define appropriate event handlers to handle these events.  Windows Presentation Foundation, in conjunction with XAML, comes with several ways to handle events and provides rich APIs to work with them.

In this article I want to give an introduction to events in Windows Presentation Foundation and a brief description of related topics in it.

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User Comments

Title: Easy to learn   
Name: Niranjan
Date: 2009-11-29 9:05:16 PM
Thanks for the efforts. The article is simple to understand.Great efforts.
Title: Excellent   
Name: shaukat
Date: 2007-06-29 3:50:54 AM
Title: Thanks   
Name: Keyvan Nayyeri
Date: 2007-01-15 11:38:12 PM
Thanks Sam,

But if I can remember correctly, MSDN Wiki wasn't available when I wrote the first part of these tutorials to add it to introduction article because it was before RC days.

However, it was better to leave this comment there but thank you for sharing it with others.
Title: Need link to WPF Online SDK part 2   
Name: Sam
Date: 2007-01-15 8:01:50 PM
Oops, posting another comment 'cause the URL didn't render. Here it is:
Title: Need a link to online WPF SDK   
Name: Sam
Date: 2007-01-15 8:00:01 PM
There are a ton of WPF articles that would help newbies and experienced alike. Please add a link to that page so people know where to go next.
Title: Thanxٍ   
Name: Behnam Usefi
Date: 2006-12-30 2:00:31 AM
Thanx K1
Title: Thanks   
Name: Keyvan Nayyeri
Date: 2006-12-14 11:02:58 AM
Thanks Mohammad,

I tried to cover fundamental concepts for those who only want to have a background but surely you need a book if you want to work professionally on WPF and XAML.

Thanks again :-)
Title: Another great article !!!   
Name: AzamSharp
Date: 2006-12-14 10:59:42 AM
Another great article! Why buy a book when I can read this great series. :)

Thanks and plus thanks for posting all the links that really helps!
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Name: Keyvan Nayyeri
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Date: 2006-12-14 10:20:23 AM
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Name: Keyvan Nayyeri
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