Review: Instant C# and Instant VB Code Conversion Utilities
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Published: 15 Jan 2007
In this review, Steve goes over the features of Instant C# and Instant VB from Tangible Software Solutions, two code conversion products which translate from VB to C#, and vice versa.
by Steven Smith
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Since the introduction of .NET, the Common Language Runtime, and C#, developers with a preference for C# or Visual Basic have been faced with the task of converting source code written in one language to the other.  Whether to get an online sample working, to integrate some code developed by another team, or just to try and learn the ins and outs of the other language, converting from C# to VB and vice versa has been a common, often tedious task for many developers in the last few years.  For authors, trainers, and presenters, the task is even more common (and arduous), as samples developed in one language must often be converted to the other in order to maximize the reach of the training, article, book, or presentation.  Utilities that can automate this work have been few and far between (one popular one can be found online at, though it is far from perfect and has no support for .NET 2.0).  Tangible Software's Instant C# and Instant VB packages provide the tools required to perform code conversions between C# and VB, whether for simple snippets or for complete projects.

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Title: One way to convert VB6 To C#   
Name: Steven Barden
Date: 2011-04-01 3:41:17 PM
I am currently performing the conversion of more VB6 to WPF than I want to admit. I miss not working SharePoint RIGHT NOW, but this stuff is growing on me. The converter is by ArtinSoft. I did not install it, use it, nor have I converted the code using the product. But what another developer has converted for me takes me weeks to debug. Plus, I am working a 15 year old, COMPLEX VB6 Winform App to C# 4.0 / WPF 4.0. It has allot of bloat ware, and I am not please with all, nor is it perfect, but the longer I use it the more appreciation I have for the developers. This app SHOULD HAVE been remolded from the ground up, but it was not possible. So don't left the so-so review hinder your decision, I am almost always happy to have their product. I have a growing respect for their product all of the time. But they have SCRUBBED their site of any WPF so far. Trust me, If you can go VB6 to C# Winform today, do it. You really may not want to learn all that I have (and have not yet), unless you really have to. But if you try go from many complex VBP's that are almost impossible to get to debug easily (for years), to a minimal amount of C# classes and WPF, you will find the .NET conversion rate around 90% for classes (although it's all C# active like VB6) and 0% on the WPF parts. Through in some personalities where one person is a C# hating C++'r and the other knows the product, but not really how to program, and you better stand tough for yourself if others under-do your time estimates (am I getting to detailed?).

Trust me (or don't, your call) VB6 -> C# Winform only... one day someone will make a converter for Winform to WPF (or just rebuild all of the controls, because you don't want to KNOW what happens to highly complex tree views with some XML functionality and the logic is all based in the VB6 Tree Nodes ;).
Title: covert vb6 to c#   
Name: baghaie amir
Date: 2010-07-19 5:41:30 AM
how to convert vb6 to c# program
Title: yadav   
Name: jitendra
Date: 2008-04-02 9:33:29 AM
i want to know how we can learn about progromming
Title: converter vb 6.0 to c#   
Name: student
Date: 2007-10-15 5:40:36 PM
it is the best

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