Clearing Your Address List
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Published: 14 Nov 2003
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This article explains why it is important to clear your email address list and explains how to do it. Learn about SMTP servers and how to match bounced messages to addresses in your database. Also includes sample code for this matching as well as flagging the appropriate addresses.
by John Alessi
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Disclaimer: This article was written by an employee of QuickSoft.

An easy and accurate way to use bounced messages to clean your address list...

Welcome to the first edition of E-mail Secrets.  Lately at Quiksoft, we have been talking a lot about cleaning up our e-mail address list.  Many of our customers have been asking how to reliably track the status of outbound e-mail messages, and how to update their address database when a message is returned undeliverable, otherwise known as a bounce.

In this article you will learn:

  • Three very important reasons why your must clean your e-mail address list now
  • What you need to know about how SMTP servers route bounced messages
  • The secret to automatically matching bounced messages to addresses in your database
  • The difference between hard and soft bounces and why you should track both
  • Bonus secret to tracking failures on a mailing by mailing basis

This edition also contains downloadable sample code that will:

  • Encode your outbound messages with the proper information so that they can be matched to your address database if they are returned undeliverable
  • Scan your bounced messages and flag the addresses in your database
  • Provide you with tons of phrases found in typical bounced messages, which can be used to programmatically discover their meaning

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