Using Local Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services in ASP.NET
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Published: 12 Jul 2007
This article examines the steps the author took to make the local reports work using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services in ASP.NET.
by Shaun Eutsey
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There are times in a developer’s life when you get to use great new tools.  Recently, at a client site, I was asked to create a few web based reports that would fit into the application that I was working on.  I was given my options; create them using a repeater control, Crystal Reports or Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

Each of these comes with their own benefits and detractions straight from the top. 

The repeater control is easy to get the data formatted, but getting the pages to break in the correct spot is notoriously painful.

Crystal Reports is standard, a little painful, but easy to develop.  However, in production there would have been some licensing difficulties.  I was “encouraged” to not use Crystal.

SSRS are great when they are installed on a SQL Server.  However, this client did not have them installed and had no intention of installing them on the SQL Server 2000 database that the application would run upon. Plans to add a SQL Server 2005 instance were in the plans, but not until after this application needed released.

SSRS was the preferred option, not only by the client, but by me as well. Then the dilemma struck me, I had never used SSRS locally. Thus began my local SSRS adventure.

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first of all thank u very much :)
this article really help me to understand ,how to code & design a SQL report Step by Step .
very informatics and very ease to understand with the help of attached snapshots.
This Alliance doing gr8 job Carry on !!!!
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Very Nicely Explained. Thanks!!!

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