Summarizing AJAX Patterns Under ASP.NET
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Published: 13 Oct 2008
In this article, Xianzhong Zhu examines several common AJAX patterns under the ASP.NET environment. After providing a short introduction, he provides a detailed overview of various patterns such as XMLHTTP and WebForms, XMLHTTP and HttpHandlers, Callbacks, and the AJAX Framework with the help of relevant code listings and screen shots. Towards the end of the article, he provides the link to download the sample application he created to discuss the content along with a few references for further learning.
by Xianzhong Zhu
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Ever since early 2005, Ajax techniques have been continuously developing without uniform patterns. Thus, readers may have found out that various Ajax based projects are implemented with numerous differences, especially in terms of details. However, in this article we will start with a relaxing topic; I will summarize several typical Ajax patterns leveraged under the ASP.NET development environment. Of course, in order for you to achieve a detailed comprehension and comparison with each of the patterns, I will also provide related samples.

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Thanks for sharing this; very helpful indeed.
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