Book Review: Pro Silverlight 2 in C# 2008
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Published: 14 Jan 2009
In this review, Andrea discusses Pro Silverlight 2 in C# 2008. He describes how the book is organized, the author, and for whom the book is written.
by Andrea Colaci
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This book is organized in 17 chapters, all with excellent full-color content inside.
Even though chapters are not grouped, we could identify 3 main areas of content. The first and most rich of the areas included chapter 1 "Introducing Silverlight," Chapter 6 "The Application Model," and Chapter 12 "Browser Integration" in which Silverlight's overall goals and design is revealed. These chapters also explore how an application is deployed and hosted in browser environment insulated from cross-platform issues, allowing you to interact with HTML and Javascript, also integrating with existing content.

The second area is about building interactive user interfaces and span on Chapter 2 "XAML" which is a detailed introduction to this language. Though it was first created for WPF and then reused in Silverlight, there are several differences to be aware of. All these difference are always pointed and explained along all chapters related to how to build user interface, like chapter 3 "Layout," chapter 5 "Elements," and 11 "Styles Templates and Custom Controls" in which also all the steps involved in custom control creation are explained.

The third area of content is about .net framework features which are incredibly available in Silverlight 2, even though they have several, but always well highlighted, differences. These features are described in chapter 13 "ASP.NET and web services," chapter 15 "Isolated Storage," Chapter16 "Multithreading," and chapter 17 "Networking." As stated in the chapter titles, all these topics are well known powerful features of .net framework, use writing a language that many developers are accustomed to, C#, and all this abundance is designed to run cross-platform.

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