Automatically minify and combine JavaScript and CSS files in any web site
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Published: 21 Dec 2010
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This article describes a complete package that speeds up loading of JavaScript, CSS, and images in an ASP.NET web site. It accomplishes this by minifying JavaScript and CSS files on the fly (and caching the minified content), combining JavaScript and CSS files, making it easy to load files from cookieless domains, and much more. This article has full step by step installation instructions for both IIS 7 and IIS 6 (each version requires different additions to web.config). It will also detail how to use all the features, complete with short examples.
by Matt Perdeck
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Optimizing the way your site loads JavaScript, CSS and images files can greatly improve web site performance. The package presented here takes care of this optimization for you. It minifies CSS and JavaScript files and intelligently combines them. It also improves images loading, including through the use of cookieless domains. There are many more features, all listed in the Features section of this article.

Using this package with your site is very easy. There is no need to change the code of your web site. You only need to add a dll, update your web.config, add a small file, and if you use IIS 6 update the configuration of IIS (no such update needed for IIS 7). Step by step installation instructions are in the Installation section in this article.


·         Requirements

·         How it works

·         Features

·         Server compression

·         Installation

·         Configuration

·         Conclusion

·         History


·         ASP.NET 3.5 or higher (previous versions may work too but have not been tested)

·         IIS 6 or higher for your live site

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