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Published: 19 Jul 2011
WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms. It is essential to be able to build sites with templates which can convert and earn revenue from various ad services. CTR Theme is a new product designed which includes several new features not found in other themes. In this review, Anand examines the features included with the theme and also points out the relevance of the theme.
by Anand Narayanaswamy
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WordPress is a PHP based blog/CMS with which you can build great looking websites with the help of unique themes. Even though WordPress is developed using PHP, it is completely compatible with Windows servers as well. While there are plenty of free themes, premium themes are also form part of the WordPress community.

I recently purchased a copy of CTR Theme as I was attracted by the new features included with it. I rarely buy paid themes but I decided to give CTR Theme a try as the price was discounted at that time.


The installation process is similar to that of all themes. You can either upload the files manually to the themes folder or directly from within WordPress dashboard.

As soon as you complete the installation, you will view a separate options page where you can provide relevant data in addition to ad codes. You should also provide the activation code which you will receive after purchase to unlock the theme. I feel that this is a nice feature to protect against piracy.


The theme includes built-in SEO features which enable you to provide relevant title, description and keywords while drafting a new post. Hence, there is no need to install a separate plugin for onsite SEO purposes. You can also provide site level title, description and keywords from the theme options page.

As the name denotes, the theme is primarily built for those websites which monetizes using Google Adsense. However, you can incorporate any ad code including that of affiliate services.

Designed by Eppie Vojt, the theme has the ability to display ads in a randomized manner to avoid ad blindness among visitors. I feel that this is an excellent feature which improves click through rates thereby generating more revenue.

The product includes five different sub themes which you can set from the theme options page.


Moreover, the theme automatically changes the color of the ads to match the relevant sub theme and also includes a tweak mechanism to load sites faster without any additional plugins.

Earning Potential

Even though there are lots of spots to place codes, I would recommend you to limit the ads to a reasonable number. Otherwise, search engines will punish your site as made for ads or popularly called as Made For Adsense (MFA).

I tested the theme with one of my hobby site with three ad spots. I placed one ad on the left side bar and two others inside the content area which randomly rotates for each post. However, I am yet to see any earnings.

You should not expect to make any earnings from the day you installed the theme if your site is new. It takes time for the search engines to list the site and become popular.

From my point of view, CTR theme may not be suitable for fresh sites unless the site brings traffic directly from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, which of course will take time. You will be required to work hard to create quality and site specific backlinks to get any returns from the theme.

I would recommend the theme for established niche sites with unique content if the webmaster agrees to compromise on the site design. You should test the theme on a site which is already earning revenues from ad services.

The theme also includes a separate document which examines several link building techniques. I hope the tips provided by the developer will help beginners a lot. The developer also provides free updates as and when they are released and a license for unlimited domains.


I feel that your site may earn well with CTR Theme if you build your site with good keyword research, unique content with proper onsite and offsite SEO techniques. As a reviewer, I can’t give any earning guarantee since it depends upon lot of factors such as keyword competition and traffic. I can assure you that if create a site by following all the proven rules then you can expect to earn from the theme. As I mentioned above, you should create keyword rich unique content in order to succeed.

The developer also provides 60 day money back guarantee. Hence, you can always request a full refund if you are not satisfied with the theme.

I hope the vendor will create a version of the theme for DotNetBlogEngine platform to enable .NET geeks to test drive the CTR theme on their websites.

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