Book Review: Privacy and Big Data
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Published: 27 Sep 2011
Privacy of data is one of the important factors that every Internet user should be aware of. In this review, Anand examines the content of the book Privacy and Big Data published by O'Reilly. He also points out few suggestions for the improvement of the book.
by Anand Narayanaswamy
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Privacy of data is one of the important factors which need to be handled effectively. One might have heard of the term privacy while submitting information through various online forms. One's data should only be used by the relevant authorities only for the purpose it was submitted. In the book Privacy and Big Data, Terence Craig and Mary E. Ludloff unleash the concepts behind privacy data in a detailed way.

Inside the Book

The first chapter is titled The Perfect Storm. It provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of data and its future roadmap. The author talks about how advertising is being used to handle privacy of your data and its relationship with security and safety.

Chapter 2 provides a brief outlook of the right to privacy in the digital age with reference to the laws in the USA and Europe. I feel that the authors should also research the privacy related aspects which are followed in Asian countries like India.

Chapter 3 provides a comprehensive outlook of the various regulators and the models followed in USA, Europe and other countries with special reference to security and safety aspects. The authors examine the various players in the field of controlling privacy, including the concept of intellectual property rights and trusted computing. The final chapter summarizes the concepts covered in the previous sections.

The authors have provided list of external resources which are related to the subject matter discussed at the end of each chapter. The book includes an appendix which outlines the opinion of both authors regarding privacy and data. I hope that their findings will be useful for readers as they have expertise in the field of privacy control.

The book reminds me of a petition filed by Indian based Industrialist Ratan Tata in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India regarding privacy. He argued that his right to privacy was compromised when the media telecasted his conversation with a PR spokeswoman in the 2G Spectrum case.


From my point of view, the book will be useful for professionals and lawyers who specialize in cyber law. It will be also useful for police officers who are in charge of cyber crimes. However, the book will not be of any use for software professional or a programmer as there is no specific material for them. I feel that the authors should provide the various methods by which privacy can be controlled using Internet Explorer and FireFox while browsing the web.

About the Reviewer

Anand Narayanaswamy (ASPInsider) is the author of Community Server Quickly. He works as an independent consultant based in Trivandrum, India and runs and

About the Book


Privacy and Big Data


Terence Craig, Mary E. Ludloff


O'Reilly Media

ISBN - 13



September 2011








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