Review: NET Compact Framework Programming with C#
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Published: 05 Jul 2004
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The .NET Compact Framework is Microsoft’s initiative to bring .NET to smart, mobile and embedded devices. ".NET Compact Framework Programming with C#" is the latest book about the subject. This book is pleasure to read. It is very comprehensive, while fluent and that makes it very informative.
by Teemu Keiski
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The .NET Compact Framework is Microsoft’s initiative to bring .NET to smart, mobile and embedded devices. .NET Compact Framework is a subset of the desktop Framework version.  The main goal with it has been to maintain the consistency with the desktop version as well as to ensure that it runs appropriately on all target devices. Of course the main line is to bring all the necessary features for the type of applications developed on smart device platforms.

".NET Compact Framework Programming with C#" is the latest book about the subject. There is also a companion book which is targeted at VB.NET users. The book is aimed to be the comprehensive resource despite the reader’s background. No previous programming experience with Windows platforms, Windows CE or .NET is required, but having that experience will certainly help.

Basic Information

The book has 1335 pages in 17 chapters and four appendixes.


Part I: Foundations

1. .NET Compact Framework Architecture
2. What Is a .NET Compact Framework Program
3. The .NET Type System
4. Platform Invoke

Part II: Building the User Interface

5. Creating Forms
6. Mouse and Keyboard Input
7. Inside Controls
8. Data Binding to Controls
9. Inside More Controls
10. Building Custom Controls

Part III: Managing Device Data

11. Storage
12. ADO.NET Programming
13. Synchronizing Mobile Data
14. The Remote API

Part IV: Creating Graphical Output

15. .NET Compact Framework Graphics
16. Text and Fonts
17. Printing


A. Hungarian Notation for .NET Programs
B. Supported PMEs for .NET Compact Framework Controls
C. Data Synchronization Wizards
D. Windows API Allocation and Cleanup Functions

The publisher, Addison-Wesley maintains a web site for the book at:

The authors have also a small site for the book at:


This book is pleasure to read. It is very comprehensive, while fluent and that makes it very informative. The writing style is detailed and the main line is kept well, so all I can say is good work. The inside role of the authors becomes very clear and that, of course, increases the value of the book as authors have been able to bring concrete things for readers to learn from.

This is rare book in that it is well suited for the novice as well as experienced users. There’s no distinction that would make it to suit better for one target audience type than the other. As far as I understand such style is very hard to keep throughout the book (“the story”). Well done.


Downside of the book is actually its enormous size (almost 1400 pages). It takes very long time to read and because of the style it needs to be read with thought, if the reader wants to be able to get all of what the book has to offer. At some occasions the book also falls to unneeded repetition and coverage of irrelevant technical details. All technical content is accurate and informative from general .NET development perspective but at some points it feels like the book tries to tell too much, feed the information to the reader. It’s not a major factor but does irritate a bit.


The authors have succeeded in creating a good book. Therefore I can safely recommend this book if you are interested in .NET Compact Framework.

User Comments

Title: Delegate and Event   
Name: Jagatpal Singh
Date: 2011-11-15 6:57:40 AM
I want to know the advantages of delegate and event in web application. how to implement?
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Title: Book   
Name: PitBull
Date: 2004-09-07 7:35:45 PM
The review about the book is very good, but the author should know more about register before writing a book.
Title: book code   
Name: João Casa
Date: 2004-09-07 1:25:07 PM
I buy the book and like it. BUT it's very sad that the author make the code available only thru register, AND the register process don't work AND he don't reply to e-mails. Very very Sad.

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