Review: ASP.NET Evolution
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Published: 21 Sep 2004
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There are lots of books available for learning ASP.NET, but the Evolution series is a latest innovation from the house of Sams Publishing. ASP.NET Evolution is a definitive guide for developers.
by Anand Narayanaswamy
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About the Book

ASP.NET Evolution
By Dan Kent
Sams Publishing
384 Pages
US $49.99


Are you planning to design a website for your user group, apartment complex, club, etc.? Then why are you wasting your time by creating an application from scratch? Check out ASP.NET Evolution by Dan Kent from your nearest book store and explore. All you need is this book and access to a hosting account with ASP.NET and SQL Server.

Audience Level

This book doesn’t teach you ASP.NET from the beginning. Rather it examines a real-world application with the help of screenshots, source code, and relevant explanations. In order to understand the concepts included in this book, you should have a solid understanding about ASP.NET. If you are a beginner, I would suggest you not to go through this book until you become comfortable with ASP.NET.


The book thoroughly examines an online community application. Each and every module of the sample project has been covered with detailed explanations, supported source code, and screenshots. An interesting fact with this book is that the author provides a step-by-step analysis of each part of the application.

From my point of view, the author’s presentation style will surely help readers to understand the application easily and in a very short span of time. The pages inside this book also include short notes titled "Design Tip." This will help the readers to perform complex tasks in a quick way without wasting too much time.


A disappointing factor with this book is that it doesn’t provide necessary instructions for configuring the project with a Microsoft Access database. Even though SQL Server is powerful, Microsoft Access comes free with many hosting accounts, and hence developers can simply plug and play with this exciting application within minutes. Moreover, many people will not be willing to invest huge amounts for obtaining SQL Server space along with hosting plans.

Bundled Media

The CD-ROM which accompanies this book contain complete source code of the application. It also includes .NET Framework 1.1 and its redistributable package.

Pricing Factor

From my point of view, the price of this book is somewhat costly. The content inside the book does not warrant this price. Moreover, advanced developers who are well versed with ASP.NET may not purchase this book. I hope only beginners and intermediate developers will purchase this book. I strongly feel that if the price of this book had been low, then more developers and user group managers would purchase the book.



Reviewed by Anand Narayanaswamy (Microsoft MVP) 

User Comments

Title: Review: ASP.NET Evolution   
Name: Jan Ceulemans
Date: 2004-09-22 9:32:44 AM
Hosting plans including SQL Server 2000 are becoming more common these days ... and do not have to cost fortunes. Have a look at the offers of and EA Serve. I'd rather suggest developers not to use Access with these types of applications. Instead, MSDE can be used, which comes for free.

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