Sample App: FFAssist Using Crystal .NET for VS 2005 - Part 2
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Published: 08 Feb 2005
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Part 2 of a sample application to show the new features of Crystal .NET, available in Visual Studio 2005.
by Eric Landes
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Setting Up the Application

[download sample app]

For an overview of this sample application, view Part 1 of this series.  This application assumes November CTP Beta 1 of Visual Studio 2005 has been installed.  It is also assumed that you have SQL Server 2000 on your dev machine, and that you are familiar with Crystal .NET.  This sample application is intended to give you an idea how to use the new version of Crystal .NET.  It is not intended as a production type application.

Set Up

To set up the application, download the source files from the link above.  What you'll have is a zip file that includes source files both ASP.NET, partial classes, and the SQL script files. 

Now, in your VS 2005, create a website called FFAssist.  Unzip the files to that directory.  The solution file in there is assuming a directory called c:\Website\FFAssist.  If your directory structure is different, you may need to modify that file.

In the Data directory underneath FFAssist is the SQL script.  These script creates the data and inputs the data, so create a database on your local SQL Server called FFAssistant.  Then open Query Analyzer, open the file CreateFFAssitant.sql.  Run this file, and all the tables will be created, and the stored procedure in the report will be created as well.

The application also assumes that your windows identity has select, insert, delete, update permissions on the tables on this database.  The Web.config of this web application uses the Windows authentication policy.

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