Integrate Verified By Visa & Mastercard SecureCode Into Your Online Payment System
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Published: 02 Mar 2005
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In this article, I will cover how to create a fully functional merchant order page in ASP. This order page will authenticate Visa credit card holders using Verified By Visa (through the 3-D Secure MPI control), and then authorize the transaction with the Vital processor.
by Lance Robinson
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Accept Credit Card Payments Using Verified-By-VIsa Security

This article is by Charles Smith - Software Developer, /n software.


The purpose of this article is to explain how to build a merchant order page using Verified By Visa and Vital together. To that end, we'll use two components from /n software; IBiz VitalPS Integrator and IP*Works! 3-D Secure MPI. This particular example uses the ASP edition, though the same functionality can be performed using the .NET Edition in an ASP.NET web application, or using the C++ Edition to create a CGI application running on a web server. In addition to these two components, we are going to need to set up an account with Visa's PIT test server, and then download and install several certificates.

To make things simple, we are going to split this demo into four separate pages;, OrderPage.asp, VerifyEnrollment.asp, ProcessPARes.asp, and PaymentPage.asp. To begin with, we have, which will contain all of our setup information, and will be included in all the other pages. In this file, both the IBiz VitalPS Integrator and the 3-D Secure MPI components should be initialized with your merchant data. In this example, we are using test account data.

  '3-D Secure MPI setup:
  Dim o3DS
  Set o3DS = Server.CreateObject("IPWorksMPIASP.ThreeDSecure")               
  o3DS.MerchantBankId   = "999995"       ' Must match "BIN" in PIT profile   
  o3DS.MerchantNumber   = "999999999911" ' Must match "Merchant ID" in PIT profile
  o3DS.MerchantPassword = "12345678"     ' Must match "Password" in PIT profile
  o3DS.MerchantName     = "TEST_MERCHANT" 
  o3DS.MerchantURL      = ""   
  o3DS.DirectoryServerURL = ""   
  ' Client-side certificate acquired from PIT.
  ' Your IP address will be your cert subject
  o3DS.SSLCertStoreType       = 2 'sstPFXFile
  o3DS.SSLCertStore           = "PFX\C:\pitclient.pfx"
  o3DS.SSLCertStorePassword   = "pitpass"
  o3DS.SSLCertSubject         = ""
  ' Add the Root and CA signing certificates: (Prepending a "+" character adds 
  ' another certificate instead of overwriting.  NOTE: These are sample 
  ' certificates. Please download the latest certs from the PIT main page.
  o3DS.RootCertificate = "MIICHzCCAYigAwIBAgIUBJvEyXmLs6Ub9MX9W0Nn4w2JzY4w..."
  o3DS.RootCertificate = "+" & "MIICHjCCAYegAwIBAgIVAJyspltGwoe8VGp..."
  'IBiz VitalPS Integrator setup:
  Dim oVPS
  Set oVPS = Server.CreateObject("IBizPayASP.CCCharge")
  ' This is sample merchant data.  
  oVPS.MerchantBankId         = "999995"
  oVPS.MerchantCategoryCode   = "5999"
  oVPS.MerchantLanguage       = "00"
  oVPS.MerchantName           = "TEST_MERCHANT"
  oVPS.MerchantNumber         = "999999999911" 
  oVPS.MerchantServiceNumber  = "800-1234567"
  oVPS.MerchantState          = "NC"
  oVPS.MerchantStoreNumber    = "0011" 
  oVPS.MerchantTerminalNumber = "9911" 
  oVPS.MerchantTimeZone       = "705"   
  oVPS.MerchantZip            = "27709" 


This is the page where the customer's credit card information is gathered. Existing merchants will already have something much more elaborate, but for the sake of this demo we will compress it down to a simple form. This form will post to our VerifyEnrollment.asp page, where the 3-D Secure MPI component is used to verify the cardholder's identity. The great majority of merchants will have to make very few changes to their existing order pages to add 3-D Secure support. The difference is merely two intermediate pages. Please note that the following is test data, and that the amount is indicated without a decimal point.

Billing Information: 
<FORM method="post" action="VerifyEnrollment.asp">
  <INPUT type="text" name="CardNumber"   value="4012001037141112">
  <INPUT type="text" name="ExpMonth"     value="05">
  <INPUT type="text" name="ExpYear"      value="06">
  <INPUT type="text" name="CustomerName" value="John Doe">
  <INPUT type="text" name="Address"      value="8320 S. Hardy Dr.">
  <INPUT type="text" name="City"         value="Tempe">
  <INPUT type="text" name="State"        value="AZ">
  <INPUT type="text" name="ZipCode"      value="85284">
  <INPUT type="text" name="Amount"       value="5500">
  <INPUT type="submit" name="Purchase"   value="Purchase">


After the customer presses the Purchase button, his credit card data is posted to the VerifyEnrollment.asp page. The first thing we do here is save the order information to the merchant's order database. After saving the info, we use the 3-D Secure MPI component to check if the customer's credit card is enrolled in Visa's Verified By Visa program.

<!--#include file = "" -->
  'Save order info and returns a unique key to access data
  key = SaveOrderInfoToDatabase() 
  o3DS.MessageId = "123456" ' Must be unique for each transaction
  o3DS.CardNumber = Request.Form("CardNumber")

If there is an error communicating with the Directory Server or the card is not enrolled, the transaction should proceed normally to the Payment Page. In this case the merchant does not receive the benefits of a 3-D Secure MPI authenticated transaction, but the customer still needs to pay. Note that this is completely transparent to the customer. If his card is not signed up for Verified By Visa or Mastercard SecureCode, the transaction processes as it always has. However, if the card is enrolled then the customer is to be redirected to the site specified in the 3-D Secure component's ACSURL property.

  If (Err.Number <> 0 Or o3DS.CardEnrolled <> "Y") Then
    ' If there's an error, here is where you can log it.
    ' Also, redirect the cardholder to the paymentpage.
    ' Send key so trans can be retrieved
    Response.Redirect("PaymentPage.asp?" & "MD=" & key) 
     'no error and the card is enrolled:
    o3DS.MessageId         = key 'Using unique database access key
    o3DS.TransactionId     = key 'Using unique database access key
    o3DS.CardExpMonth      = Request.Form("ExpMonth")
    o3DS.CardExpYear       = Request.Form("ExpYear")
    o3DS.TransactionAmount = Request.Form("Amount")
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript" >
function OnLoadEvent()   {   document.downloadForm.submit();   }
<body OnLoad="OnLoadEvent();">
   <form name="downloadForm" action="<% =o3DS.ACSURL %>" method="POST">
     <INPUT type="hidden" name="PaReq" value="<% =o3DS.GetAuthenticationPacket()%>">
     <input type="hidden" name="TermUrl" value="https://yourserver/ProcessPARes.asp">
     <input type="hidden" name="MD" value="<% =key %>">
  End If

Please note that the above Javascript code, or something similar, is essential to the way 3-D Secure MPI works. The customer must be redirected from his own browser window. The customer leaves the merchant's site and goes to the location specified in the ACSURL property. After the customer inputs the password for his credit card, he will be redirected back to the TermUrl, which in this case is the "ProcessPARes.asp" file residing on the merchant's server. The Merchant Data, or "MD" field contains the key into our database to retrieve the transaction data, and is posted back to the TermUrl after the customer inputs his password.


The ProcessPARes.asp page is where the Access Control Server indicated in the ACSURL property above posts whether the customer has been authenticated or not back to the merchant. The post from the ACS will include the form variables "PaRes" and "MD". "PaRes" contains the signed and encrypted response, and "MD" passes back the merchant data required to retrieve the transaction from the merchant's database. (In our case, the key variable). To parse this response packet, simply pass the contents of the PaRes to the CheckAuthenticationResponse method. If there are no errors and the AuthenticationStatus property is "Y" (authenticated) or "A" (attempts authentication), then the customer is considered authenticated. If authenticated, you must pass the TransactionId, AuthenticationCAVV, and AuthenticationECI properties to the IBiz VitalPS oVPS component in order to qualify for the extra protection and discount. If the AuthenticationStatus is "N" you MUST NOT complete the transaction.

<!--#include file = "" -->
  key = Request.Form("MD")
  o3DS.MessageId         = key
  o3DS.TransactionId     = key
  o3DS.TransactionAmount = LoadFromDatabase(key, "TransactionAmount")
  o3DS.CardNumber        = LoadFromDatabase(key, "CardNumber")
  o3DS.CardExpMonth      = LoadFromDatabase(key, "CardExpMonth")
  o3DS.CardExpYear       = LoadFromDatabase(key, "CardExpYear")
  if (Err.Number <> 0) Then
    ' Log the error and then process the credit card. This should be 
    ' completely transparent to the customer.
    Response.Redirect("PaymentPage.asp?" & "MD=" & key)
    If (o3DS.AuthenticationStatus = "Y" Or o3DS.AuthenticationStatus = "A") Then
      ' Redirect to the payment page, including the ECI, XID, and CAVV values
      ' which are to be passed to the Vital processor.
      Response.Redirect("PaymentPage.asp?" & "MD=" & key & "&XID=" & _
                        o3DS.TransactionId & "&ECI=" & o3DS.AuthenticationECI & _
                        "&CAVV=" & o3DS.AuthenticationCAVV)
      <b>Authentication Failed.</b><BR>
      Your financial institution has indicated that it could not authenticate this 
      transaction via Verified by Visa. To protect against unauthorized use, this 
      Visa card cannot be used to complete your purchase. You may complete the 
      purchase by clicking <a href=orderpage.asp>here</a> to select 
      another form of payment.
    End If
  End If


The last step is PaymentPage.asp. This is where the customer's credit card is actually charged. The Vital PS oVPS component was set up in the step above. Now we are going to use this component to authorize the customer's card. We simply load the transaction from the database, add the 3D Secure XID, ECI, and CAVV properties (if they are not in the query string the value will be ""), and then finally charge the card.

<!--#include file = "" -->
  key  = Request.QueryString("MD")
  oVPS.CardNumber        = LoadFromDatabase(key, "CardNumber")
  oVPS.CardExpMonth      = LoadFromDatabase(key, "CardExpMonth")
  oVPS.CardExpYear       = LoadFromDatabase(key, "CardExpYear")
  oVPS.CustomerAddress   = LoadFromDatabase(key, "CustomerAddress")
  oVPS.CustomerZip       = LoadFromDatabase(key, "CustomerZip")
  oVPS.TransactionAmount = LoadFromDatabase(key, "Amount")
  oVPS.TransactionNumber = "0001" ' This should increment for each transaction
  oVPS.XID               = Request.QueryString("XID")  'If not present = ""
  oVPS.ECI               = Request.QueryString("ECI")  'If not present = ""
  oVPS.CAVV              = Request.QueryString("CAVV") 'If not present = ""
  If (Err.Number <> 0) Then
    'log the error and alert the customer
    We're sorry, our payment system is currently experiencing technical 
    difficulties. Please call 1-800-555-5555 to place your order over the 
    phone. We are sorry for any inconvenience.     
  ElseIf (DirectCharge.ResponseCode = "00" Or _
   DirectCharge.ResponseCode = "85") Then 
    Response.Write("Thank you for your purchase. Your tracking number is:" & key)
    Response.Write("Your card has been declined for the following reason:")
  End If


This article showed how to write a very simple merchant payment system from scratch. However, the 3-D Secure MPI component and IBiz VitalPS Integrator can be easily integrated into an existing system. If the gateway or processor you're using supports 3-D Secure data transport (XID, CAVV, and ECI) you can use the IP*Works! 3-D Secure MPI component to authenticate cardholders by creating intermediate pages between checkout and payment as shown above.

Please note that in a real production environment you will want to log all messages from both the 3-D Secure MPI and VitalPS components. You will also want to use your own database code to load and store partially completed transactions.

Read more information about the products mentioned above: IP*Works! 3-D Secure MPI & IBiz VitalPS Integrator.

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Name: test
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what did they use before 3d secure ?
most web site don't ask for password, so which protocol they use?
Title: using iframes   
Name: Munish Gogna (
Date: 2010-01-12 6:15:33 AM
what if the merchant want to use inline overlayed iframe for the authentication? meaning the shopper should not be redirected to issuer pages, he should stay in merchants env and some iframe should display the response page from the issue bank?
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excellent and very helpful, though i am developing this in VS2005..can the MD, messageId and transactionId be different?
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Title: PCI compliance   
Name: Lance Robinson
Date: 2007-11-26 9:19:30 AM
Tony - you just said that. See my response below.
Name: Tony Leatham
Date: 2007-11-26 3:52:09 AM

Be careful with this example. In the payment page, it assumes that you have stored the credit card details in the database. If you DO store credit card details in the database, you WILL have to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Secturity Standard. If you don't comply, and you get caught, you're into big money.
Title: PCI compliance   
Name: Lance
Date: 2007-08-28 9:59:36 AM
Good point Tony. Just to repeat - you can store data but you need to be CISP compliant if you're going to do so. The only things your actively forbidden from storing are card track data and CVV values.
Name: Tony Leatham
Date: 2007-08-28 6:52:46 AM

Be careful with this example. In the payment page, it assumes that you have stored the credit card details in the database. If you DO store credit card details in the database, you WILL have to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Secturity Standard. If you don't comply, and you get caught, you're into big money.

You need to persist the card details in memory, NOT the database
Title: please help me   
Name: Manoj
Date: 2006-09-08 8:05:43 AM
i want to make online payment system by using
how could i do it
Title: Intresting Project   
Name: Sudha
Date: 2006-09-01 2:48:36 AM
Nice project and here i learnt imp components
Title: question   
Name: Patrick
Date: 2005-09-03 6:24:33 AM
its intresting, but is there any resource to find out how do it without the IP*Works component.
Title: re: Authorizenet?   
Name: Lance Robinson
Date: 2005-04-28 11:07:06 AM
No, PIT is not the same as Authorize.Net. PIT just stands for "Product Integration Testing", and is Visa's test server for their "Verified By Visa" service (which is the service where Visa DIRECTLY contacts the e-commerce consumer during an online transaction).

I'm not sure if Authorize.Net supports 3DSecure or not.

I am in the process of putting together some much more detailed tutorials on making credit card transactions using one of many different payment gateways (like Authorize.Net) with the same basic code or direct with the processors (like Vital - formerly VisaNet), but without using Verified By Visa. Stay tuned.
Title: Authorizenet?   
Name: Piercing
Date: 2005-04-28 10:55:19 AM
I am not familiar with "Visa's PIT" is it the same if i want to process credit cards using
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useful project

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