Introducing Object Oriented Programming
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Published: 18 Jul 2006
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Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is one of the most important programming paradigms today. It promotes more flexibility and maintainability in software. The concepts of OOP are a pre requisite for learning any OOP programmming language like C# or Java, to name just two. This article focuses on the basic concepts of OOP and defines the related terminologies in a lucid language.
by Joydip Kanjilal
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What is Object Oriented Programming?

The concept of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) was invented based on the necessity to remove the flaws that were encountered using the structured programming methodology. Unlike the traditional top down approach followed by structured programming languages, OOP follows a bottom up approach.  OOP is modeled around data and objects rather than actions and logic that the structured programming paradigm used to follow.

OOP allows decomposition of a problem into a number of entities called objects.  Then it builds data and functions around these objects.  The basic idea of OOP is centered on classes and objects.

A system is designed by defining the objects that will exist and interact within the system.

The basic benefits of OOP are the following.

·         Easier Maintainability

·         Better Analysis and Design of Complex Applications

·         Reusability

Some of the popular Object Oriented Languages are the following.

·         C++

·         Java

·         C#

·         Smalltalk

·         Ada

·         Simula

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Title: Comment on this article   
Name: Snigdha
Date: 2006-09-07 8:52:06 AM
Excellent ,it covers so many things using few words
Title: Nice Job   
Name: Sandeep
Date: 2006-07-21 1:39:57 AM
It's a nice article for those who were preparing for Interviews.Thank You

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