Working with Cross Page Posting Using ASP.NET 2.0
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Different methods to post data

There are several methods to send data from one page to another page.

·         Response.Redirect

To perform client side redirection in ASP.NET, users can call Response.Redirect and pass the URL. When Response.Redirect is called, the server sends a command back to the browser telling it to request the page redirected to it.  An extra roundtrip happens, which hit the performance.  We can send information from the source page by using a query string.  There is a limitation on the length of a query string; it cannot be used to pass large amounts of data over the wire. 

·         Cookies

We can store data using cookies.  Cookies are created on the server side, but saved on the client side.  Cookies can be deleted from client side.

·         Session Variables :

 We can store the source page information in the session and retrieve it from the target page.  However, this requires saving the information on the server so the server memory load can be increased.

·         Server.Transfer

To perform server-side redirection, users can use Server.Transfer.  As the execution is transferred on the server, Server.Transfer does not require the client to request another page.  In Server.Transfer, by using HttpContext we can access the source page’s items collection in target page.  The drawback of using this method is that the browser does not know that a different page was returned to it.  It displays the first page's URL in the browser's address bar.  This can confuse the user and cause problems if the user tries to bookmark the page.  Transfer is not recommended since the operations typically flow through several different pages.

·         Others

We can use cache to store data and that can be accessed anywhere from the application.  However, this is recommended only for data that is modified infrequently, but used often.  We can use application variable for some specific purpose, for example, to maintain hit counter in the page.

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