Video: Using the ASP.NET AJAX Rating Control
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Published: 23 Oct 2006
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In this video Mohammad demonstrates how you can use the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit Rating Control.
by Mohammad Azam
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Title: .net star   
Name: Shankar
Date: 2010-05-06 12:50:31 AM
How can we use with data base
Title: .net rating star   
Name: Ankit
Date: 2009-11-18 9:02:43 AM
For More Information Visit

first script is
function ajaxRating(xml)
var x = xml.responseXML;
var xmlRating = x.getElementsByTagName('rating');
var rating = xmlRating[0].firstChild.nodeValue;
alert('You rated it ' + rating + ' star(s)!');
var s3 = new Stars({
maxRating: 5,
actionURL: 'rate.php?rating=',
callback: ajaxRating,
imagePath: 'images/',
value: 3

second one is

var s1 = new Stars({
maxRating: 5,
bindField: 'myRating',
imagePath: 'images/',
value: 4.5
Title: Ajax Rating   
Name: Muthu Vijayan
Date: 2009-01-10 4:25:08 AM
Thank you very much Mohammad Azam !
Great job !

I have one doubt how to show all the ratings in a datalist
Title: maha   
Name: daoud
Date: 2008-11-07 2:02:02 PM
how can i make this control saved the rate in database?
Title: can't   
Name: maha
Date: 2008-11-07 1:25:42 PM
i'll try to download the video by firfox but it does'nt download and not shown
Title: re: How to run the video   
Name: Mohammad Azam
Date: 2008-11-07 12:16:11 PM

Try to use IE or download the add on for the FireFox to run the video.
Title: hello   
Name: maha
Date: 2008-11-07 12:14:27 PM
how can i see video?
Title: I don't like this tutorial at all..   
Name: Divya
Date: 2008-08-12 10:09:28 PM
You have shown how to use Rating control, when POSTBACK occurs than what is the use of using AJax control. On hitting rating control Page Postback occurs. Its not at all good.
Title: ajax rating   
Name: mvsradhakrishna
Date: 2008-07-10 6:59:28 AM
Hi! this is radhakrishna used ajax rating control it works fine in IE(6.0) i.e the visibility of stars but could not appear in mozilla so please help me out!
Title: I know only you can share it!   
Name: anamuslim
Date: 2008-04-04 11:20:39 AM
Hi..Azam...This is AZAMat from India..very good work...which ever your article, i read, are excellent and helped me in many projects...
Title: thanks   
Name: raghavendra
Date: 2007-12-18 3:57:29 AM
can you create a rating control which display the good bad and average rating
Title: Thanks   
Name: Felipe
Date: 2007-08-20 12:42:17 AM
Hi, this article help me a lot !!
i'm doing my project of the end of the course.

dont stop ...
thanks !!
Title: block user to rate multiple times   
Name: Arshad
Date: 2007-07-16 5:16:14 PM
how can i block user to rate multiple times. and one more this i also want to display average/ total rating .. just like this site is doing ..???
Average Rating: Views (Total / Last 10 Days): 6975/ 206
Title: individual   
Name: myname ok
Date: 2007-04-17 7:13:35 AM
Title: Oh! Wow   
Name: Amir Abdullah Majoka
Date: 2007-01-10 12:45:32 AM
Hi its good work Continue it.......& Thanks For...!!!
Title: Mohammad Thanks a lot   
Name: Good job
Date: 2006-11-09 4:32:13 PM
Thanks again for video
Title: database   
Name: safi
Date: 2006-11-09 4:03:24 AM
how can use this with database
Title: thank you !   
Name: The Hien
Date: 2006-11-05 9:57:53 AM
Thank you very much !!!

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