Tip/Trick: Adding Authorization Rules to Business and Data Layers using PrincipalPermissionAttributes
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Published: 04 Oct 2006
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In this article, Scott demonstrates how to add authorization rules to business and data layers using PrincipalPermissionAttributes
by Scott Guthrie
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Earlier this summer I posted two tutorials on using Windows Authentication with ASP.NET: Enabling Window Authentication within an Intranet ASP.NET Web Application and Implementing Role Based Security within ASP.NET using Windows Authentication and SQL Server.  I also linked to Scott Mitchell's great ASP.NET 2.0 Security, Membership and Roles Tutorials that cover how to use Forms Authentication and the new Membership/Roles APIs in ASP.NET for Internet based web applications.

These tutorials covers how to implement authentication on your site, which is the process of identifying who an incoming user is.  They also demonstrate how to implement role based management on your site, which allows you to logically group individual users into higher-level roles or groups (for example: "admins", "friends", "subscribers", etc).  The tutorials also demonstrate how to implement authorization rules to grant or deny users/roles access to visit individual pages or URLs within a site (the roles tutorial above also demonstrates how to show/hide menu nodes based on the permissions of the incoming user).

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