An Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation
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Published: 28 Nov 2006
Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) is a component of WinFx that allows you to add workflow functionality to your applications. In this article Joydip discusses the key concepts related to Windows Workflow Foundation.
by Joydip Kanjilal
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With the increasing complexity of business applications around the globe, there was a need for a technology that could not only reduce the operational costs for an enterprise by automating the business processes, but at the same time provide transparency or visibility of the business processes.  Windows Workflow Foundation is a relatively new technology from Microsoft that simplifies development of business processes in Microsoft .NET Framework.  Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) for development of Workflows or Workflow based applications uses the Microsoft .NET Framework and provides better visibility, expressiveness and control to the business processes.  The windows Workflow Foundation Framework typically consists of the following three components:

·         A runtime engine that can be used to execute a workflow

·         A set of activities that constitute a complete workflow

·         A set of services to support the executing workflow

This article provides a basic understanding of Business Processes, Workflows and the Windows Workflow Foundation Framework architecture.  It does not discuss how we can implement Workflows using the Windows Workflow Foundation Framework in Microsoft .NET; rather, it provides an overview of this awesome technology from Microsoft.  I would like to discuss implementation of Workflows using this framework in my forthcoming articles.

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User Comments

Title: Author's Response   
Name: Joydip
Date: 2006-12-15 3:20:57 AM

This article was just an intorductory one for learners who have no knowledge of WWF whatsoever. Hence was just a preliminary article dealing with the basics. Stay tuned for more.
Title: Why was this article written?   
Name: me
Date: 2006-12-09 6:35:33 PM
Complete waste of space and time. This article does nothing to increase the reader's knowledge in any way. The "self explanatory" diagrams were good for a laugh though.

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