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Web Forms

Web Forms

You've probably heard of these if you've done research into ASP.NET, they are a bit complicated at first and I think I'm getting OOS (or RSI) from writing runat=server constantly. But they do provide a lot of new features (see my DataGrid's in ASP.NET), although a DataGrid isn't in a form tag its still one of those new GUI things that are built in. VB6 people will remember DataGrids and these are very similar. It allows dynamic things to happen with your form elements. The new GUI controls (well they produce GUI elements like tables) are much better that conventional ways, see my BDP article for the table and then the DataGrid's in ASP.NET article and check out the difference. I won't go into it too much, but I'll give you an example -

<form runat=server>

<asp:textbox id="name" ontextchanged="name_change()" runat=server />

<asp:button id="submit" runat=server />


This creates a textbox and a button that were generated on the server, they ontextchanged property allows me to execute server-side functions or events like with the client-side version, but this time it can perform more advanced things. The ontextchanged happens when we submit the form, the action by default it to post back to the page and any events are handled on the page. ( name_change() is a method on the page).

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