Understanding Object Pooling in Microsoft .NET
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Published: 29 Jan 2007
In this article Joydip discusses what an Object Pool is and how we can implement one in .NET with the help of code examples in C#.
by Joydip Kanjilal
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Object Pooling is nothing new. It is a concept that implies that we can store a pool of objects in memory to be reused later and, hence, reduce the load of object creation to a great extent. An Object Pool, also known as a Resource Pool, is a list/set of ready to be used reusable objects that reduce the overhead of creating each object from the scratch whenever a request for an object creation comes in. This is somewhat similar to the functioning of a Connection Pool, but with some distinct differences. This article throws light on this concept (Object Pooling) and discusses how we can implement a simple generic Object Pool in .NET.

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