Working with MyLittleAdmin - Management Tool for SQL Server 2005
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by Bilal Haidar
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This section is richest section in myLittleAdmin management tool. It contains several functionalities that are heavily used especially the Query Analyzer, which allows you to run your queries against your databases online.

New Query

This is the Query Analyzer. It has been improved from the old version of myLittleAdmin. Now you have more options to control

Figure 28

You can type your query in the area specified, you can even set some options in the Options tab. When you finish typing the query, you submit it. The results will be shown in the Results tab. Any messages you get when the query executes (error messages or any kind of messages) can be viewed using the Messages tab.

Generate INSERT Script

The most interesting feature in myLittleAdmin is the ability to generate INSERT statements for your database. This feature usually comes as part of a third-party control. However, it is now embedded within the myLittleAdmin tool

Figure 29

You should supply in some configuration fields, select the database, table, columns, and here you go simply click Generate and the script will popup for you.

CSV Import Wizard

This wizard allows you to populate your database tables from data stored in CSV files

Figure 30

You select the database, table, columns, and the CSV files and then import the data. You can also configure some options for the CSV file being imported by going to the Options tab.

Backup Wizard

This wizard allows you to backup your database to a location on the server where the SQL Server is installed

Figure 31

You specify the database, the backup type (Full, Differential, or Transaction Log), a name for the backup, and the place where to store it.

Restore Wizard

The restore wizard lets you restore a previously backed up database

Figure 32

You need to specify the database you want to restore, provide a new database name for the one restored, and finally specify the physical location of the backup database. In the Options tab you can specify restore options.

Backup Wizard & Restore Wizard (Web Hosting)

These two sections are the same as the ones explained above. However they were added in the myLittleAdmin especially for web hosting companies so that users can backup/restore databases by saving a backup on the local machine and restoring from the local machine, which is a great advantage to clients.

Detach Wizard

This wizard allows you to detach a database and store the ditched database on the server

Figure 33


You select the database, configure some options, and then detach the database.

Attach Wizard

Using this wizard you can attach a previously detached database

Figure 34

You type the database name and specify the database files, located on the server where the SQL Server is installed, to attach.

Shrink Database

This option allows you to shrink a database. Shrinking a database reduces the size of SQL Server data and log files

Figure 35

You just need to specify the database name and press on Shrink Database.

Change Password

In this final option of the Tools section, you can change the password of the currently logged in user by specifying old and the new passwords.

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User Comments

Title: Remote Machine Problem   
Name: Utsab
Date: 2012-01-29 8:17:14 AM
It tells how to configure the tool for own machine or local machine. But in case of remote machine how to access the database with this MyLittleAdmin?
Title: sql server   
Name: kashif masood
Date: 2009-10-23 9:36:44 AM
Excellent work and very descriptive specially with all those screenshots
Title: Working with MyLittleAdmin - Management Tool for SQL Server 2005   
Date: 2007-02-23 11:37:42 AM
Excellent work and very descriptive specially with all those screenshots.

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