Miscellaneous Concepts of .NET – Part 2
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by Uday Denduluri
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Satellite Assemblies in GAC

We can have satellite assemblies installed in GAC. The steps for installing the satellite assemblies are as follows.

Creating a Satellite Assembly from resource file – The Listing 1 creates a satellite assembly of the name Applicatio.Resources.dll from the abcd.en.resources file. Listing 1 will run in the command prompt.

Listing 1

al /t:lib /embed:abcd.en.resources /culture:en /out:Application.resources.dll

Attach a strong name to the Satellite Assembly by Delay signing the Assembly.

Listing 2

sn –k ApplicationKey.snk
sn –p ApplicationKey.snk PublicKey.snk
al /t:lib /embed:abcd.en.resources /culture:en /out:Application.resources.dll /delay+ /keyfile:PublicKey.snk

Resign an Assembly.

Listing 3

sn –R Application.resources.dll ApplicationKey.snk

Install a Satellite Assembly in GAC.

Listing 4

gacutil /i:MyApp.resources.dll

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