How to Use BizTalk 2006 with Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
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by Arnulfo Wing
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Orchestration Creation and Setup

Since we are determining at run time the location of the document in SharePoint, we will use a dynamic port in the Orchestration. This will be determined based on the content of the message.  This type of routing is referred to as Content Based Routing in BizTalk 2006.

Add a new BizTalk project. You will need to add some shapes to the orchestration; below is a sample snapshot of all of the shapes being used for this demo.

Notice that on the orchestration, we are only routing on the Category of the document being submitted.  However, in a real world application, there might be more than one field to be used to determine where the final destination might be. 

This is what the finished orchestration looks like:

Figure 11


Here is a snapshot of the Orchestration tab:

Figure 12


Inside the Construct message we will have the following code.

Listing 1

    1 //Messages are immutable
    2 outMsg = InMsg;
    4 //if the form is found on the library, then overwrite it with this new one.
    5 outMsg(WSS.ConfigOverwrite) = "yes";
    7 //turn this off, if you are to insert the InfoPath PI's to the form.
    8 outMsg(WSS.ConfigOfficeIntegration) = "no";
   10 //set the filename in here
   11 outMsg(WSS.Filename) = InMsg.Book.ISBN + ".xml";
   13 //set the base library in here:
   14 sWSS_SiteLocation = @"wss://evo/BookReview/";

For the PI that you are dynamically creating, add the following.

Listing 2

//adjust the file attachment PI
outMsg(XMLNORM.ProcessingInstructionOption) = 1; 
outMsg(XMLNORM.ProcessingInstruction) =
 "<?mso-infoPathSolution  PIVersion=\"\"

Inside the medical of the Expression shape, we execute this code:

Listing 3

//add the location of the folder in here.
sWSSTargetPathLocation = sWSS_SiteLocation + "Medical";

Then on the last expression shape, labeled Dyn WSS Address, we dynamically set the address where this document is going to be sent. 

Listing 4

//set the destination of the dynamic form based on the criteria above.
WSS_BookReview(Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.Address) = sWSSTargetPathLocation;

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User Comments

Title: Elaborate the Biztalk Orchestration   
Name: Vaibhav Sali
Date: 2010-11-01 8:42:02 AM
Please if possible can you give the clear code view of the orchestration..

Title: Project Manager   
Name: NAz Sha
Date: 2009-04-17 9:00:47 AM
Want more infor on sharepoint and vbiztalk
Title: Elaborate the Biztalk Orch   
Name: PM
Date: 2009-01-26 10:49:37 AM
It would be gr8 if u can elaborate more on each component used in Orchestration and their settings.. Article is gr8 but of little use as the Orch cant be completed without the details.. Pls post the source code for it if its possible
Title: My Thoughts   
Name: Steven Barden
Date: 2007-10-29 11:23:27 AM
Congratulations on such a great article!
Title: Want Code   
Name: Jamil Khan
Date: 2007-07-10 12:52:42 PM
How can i Find the code of above sample plz tell us. Thank in advance.
Title: Great Article   
Name: Brian Prince
Date: 2007-06-06 4:20:44 PM
Great article. At first, I thought it was going to talk about how to get the wssv2 adapter to work with wssv3. I am glad to see you aren't doing that, and are using the wssv3 native web services.

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