Artifacts Involved in the Requirements Phase
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by Uday Denduluri
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Business Process Analysis (BPA)

The Business process Analysis document is prepared by the functional consultant exposing a feature or a module in the proposed product. The BPA document is prepared for all the key features of the proposed product. This document will be circulated to all the individual stake holders of the project which gives an insight of the feature.

The Business Process Analysis (BPA) document discusses all the following topics.

·         Description of the Module or feature – Gives the usage of Module in the entire project.

·         Acronyms or Definitions – Lists down all the Acronyms used with definitions.

·         Feature 1…n – Explains each feature within the module.

·         Tables – The table will be a functional table and needs not be a physical table in database.

·         Interfaces exposed – Interfaces are exposed by the module so that it can be consumed by other modules.

·         Using other modules – If the module is using other modules then this section explains how it needs to use the module.

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User Comments

Title: Ms   
Name: Angelina Peters
Date: 2009-02-19 10:44:38 AM
I understand your frustration Mr Brown, but instead of blasting would have appreciated if you correct wherever he has messed up and edit it
Title: Mr.   
Name: PeterB
Date: 2007-06-12 11:02:36 AM
I am very irritated to see this kind of foolish article in this kind of sites.

Editors would have been smart and practical enough to understand and also edit the articles dealing with the SDLC or any phase of the Project. is creating all the mess with his vague or may be quite limited experience in the SDLC related matters.

I Just looked his article dealing with Artifacts in Design Phase, Which is completely vague and worst within a single word.

What does the mean of BPA and why is that mentioned as the standard artifact of requirement phase?

however it is understood that SDLC can be customized by different organizations to deliver additional artifacts according to their style of work.

But this fellow tried to take the same as the standard artifact and sending his waves of BIASED knowledge across the community.

I am sure any moderate or experienced Dev Folk after going through this article they will check for BPA across the internet, Don't worry it is a customized artifact but shouldn't be discussed as the standard artifact in this kind of articles.

I am surprised how blunt editor could edit and confirmed article for publishing as the requirements phase article never talk about RTM: Requirements Traceability Matrix and lot more mandatory artifacts.

It gives me the doubt that editor may be very good literate but not a practical hands on guy.

I am sure about what I've said.

If author has any point to talk to me give me the reverse message here.

If any one of you guys knows the mail id of the editor, I would URGE you guys to send this content as the mail to the editor

Mr. Peter Brown.

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