Why You Need to Use System.Diagnostics.Debug More Than You Do
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by Tim Rayburn
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About System.Diagnostics.Debug

There is one very important thing you need to know about this object and all its methods: You are writing code in invisible ink!  Now I am sure you are going, "that's it, Rayburn has finally gone off the deep end." But hear me out!  Consider Listing 1.

Listing 1 - A simple System.Diagnostics.Debug call

class Program
  static void Main(string[] args)
    Debug.Assert(true"Vanishing code!");

Simple enough yes?  Well, let us compile this in Debug mode and see what Lutz's Reflector has to say about it.

Listing 2 - Reflector disassembly of Debug mode compile


Yep, just what you would expect.  I am sure now you are totally convinced I have lost it.  But watch, swap this to Release mode and…

Listing 3 - Reflector disassembly of Release mode compile


instantly vanishing code!  So the key here is that you can use the Debug object, and all its methods, with reckless abandon and, when you actually compile a release build, all of it goes away.

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