Understanding Packages and Interfaces in Java
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by Debjani Mallick
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Objects, through the methods they expose, define their interaction with the outside world. An interface is a collection of instance variables and instance methods without having any body, i.e., the methods do not have any definition. Once an interface is declared, any number of classes can implement that method. In other words, the classes contain all the members of the interface and they implement the definition of the method declared in the interface. By implementing an interface, we can achieve multiple and hierarchical inheritance as well as achieve dynamic (run time) polymorphism.

Declaring an Interface

The syntax for declaring an interface is:

Listing 8

Accessspecifier interface interfacename
specifier datatype variable = value;
      specifier returntype methodname(parameter);

In the above example interface is a keyword.

Access specifiers – This must be public or it can be omitted as well. If the access specified is omitted, then the classes of the same package can only implement that interface in which the interface is present and if the access specified is public then classes of any package can implement the interface.

Implementing an Interface

The classes which implement an interface contain all the members of the interface as well as some of its own member. The syntax of implementing an interface is a shown below.

Listing 9

class classname implements interfacename
      own members;
      public void display()

Example of implementing Interface

The example below shows the implementation of an interface D2 having a function area.

Listing 10

interface D2
      public void area(int x,int y);
class triangle implements D2
      int base;
      int height;
      public void area(int x,int y)
            int a;
            base = x;
            height = y;
            a = ½*base*height;
            System.out.println(“Area is:”+a);
class rectangle implements D2
      int length;
      int breadth;
      public void area(int x,int y)
            int a;
            length = x;
            breadth = y;
            a = length*breadth;
            System.out.println(“Area is:”+a);
class result
public static void main(String a[ ])
      D2 d;
triangle t = new triangle();
      d = t;
      rectangle r = new rectangle();
      d = r;

Here the function area () of interface D2 is first implemented by the class triangle to calculate the area of a triangle and then it is implemented by another class named rectangle for calculating the area of a rectangle.

Inheritance in Interface

Look at the code sample given below.

Listing 11

interface a
      public void x();
      public void y();
interface b extends a
      public void z();
class c implements a
      methods of a to be declared
class c implements b
      methods of a and b are to be declared


An interface can be derived from another interface. The syntax of inheriting an interface is the same as inheriting a class. When a class implements an interface, which is again inherited form another interface, in such cases the class must define all the methods of the base interface as well as the derived interface.

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Ma'am, you have made a slight mistage here. The refernce variable you have used d takes r to its account and prints r.area(). It should be d.area. In the main().

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