Understanding AJAX
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by Rajdeep Mukherjee
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The AJAX Technology Components

AJAX is not a technology by itself but is a combination of a group of technologies (similar to DHTML, SPA, etc). The nucleus of AJAX is the XMLHttpRequest object that enables different web browsers to make dynamic and asynchronous data requests without reloading the page. AJAX is comprised of the following:

·         HTML or XHTML, and CSS - for information on style and mark-up

·         XMLHttpRequest object – Used to interchange data with the web server in an asynchronous mode; in some cases and for some AJAX frameworks, an IFrame object is used instead of XMLHttpRequest object for exchanging data with the web server.

·         XML is many times used for transferring data between the server and the client. Other formats will also work (for example: JSON, plain text, pre-formatted HTML).

·         The DOM is being accessed by client side scripting language like JavaScript to display dynamically and interact with the information being presented.

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User Comments

Title: Great   
Name: Debdutta Chakraborty
Date: 2007-08-08 8:55:17 AM
This is a nice and wonderful article for those who are new in AJAX technology. Great references with short yet enough description gives the core idea on this technology. I liked the suggested reading section.

Title: wonderful   
Name: Akram
Date: 2007-08-08 4:35:08 AM
Its very useful information for those who making dynamic web applicaton .

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