Developing an ASP.NET AJAX Based RSS Reader
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by Xianzhong Zhu
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Displaying the Contents of a RSS Channel

Things for now become more and more interesting. Oh, to display the contents of a RSS channel you just need to click one item in the ListView and let the right-side Accordion control exhibit the related details.  This is quite right from the user's point of view, but I, as a programmer, spent plenty of time tackling this problem and my solution is sure to wait to be improved by many ASP.NET Ajax gurus. Let me introduce my ugly solution to you.

Getting the Contents of a Channel over the Network

1. Something about the ListView control

As far as the ASP.NET AJAX client-side "advanced" ListView control is further examined, we can see it is far from mature.  By researching into the source file PreviewScript.js that is shipped with ASP.NET AJAX CTP version, we find that there are not abundant properties, methods, and events in its descriptor block (note: only things within this block can be used via xml-script mode) for us to use in the declarative xml-script programming to control ListView. The following Listing gives this block's definition.

Listing 8

Sys.Preview.UI.Data.ListView.descriptor = {
      properties: [ { name: 'alternatingItemCssClass', type: String },
            { name: 'layoutTemplate', type: Sys.Preview.UI.ITemplate },
            { name: 'itemCssClass', type: String },
            { name: 'itemTemplate', type: Sys.Preview.UI.ITemplate },
            { name: 'itemTemplateParentElementId', type: String },
            { name: 'selectedItemCssClass', type: String },
            { name: 'separatorCssClass', type: String },
            { name: 'separatorTemplate', type: Sys.Preview.UI.ITemplate },
            { name: 'emptyTemplate', type: Sys.Preview.UI.ITemplate } ],
      events: [ {name: 'renderComplete'} ]

Only several properties and one event are provided. As for methods to use, we have to resort to those of its parent class DataControl (merely in support of a few methods).  Therefore, to control the item (i.e. record) click event, we have to further research into its prototype block and fall back on the blasted JavaScript programming.

2. Adding click event to ListView via JavaScript

Let us list all the source code associated with the above target.

Listing 9

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
var g_RSSNameList;
function pageLoad(sender, args) {
      $addHandler($get('RSSNameList'), 'click', clickRowHandler);
function clickRowHandler(ev)
      var s =;
      while (s && (typeof(s.dataIndex) === 'undefined')) {
            s = s.parentNode;
      if (s) {
            var idx = s.dataIndex;
            //call the server-side method in relation to Server side 
            //dummy Button 'dummySrvBtn'
            <span lang=PT>var btn ='<%=dummySrvBtn.ClientID%>';</span>
            <span lang=PT>var txt='<%=txtRssUrl2.ClientID%>';</span>
            <span lang=PT>document.getElementById(txt).value=s.lastChild.innerText; </span>
function pageUnload() {
      //dispose the event handler
      if (clickRowHandler)
      $removeHandler($get('RSSNameList'), "click",clickRowHandler);

Here, we first use the global method $addHandler to attach the event handler clickRowHandler to the "click" event of ListView RSSNameList. Next, we start the event handler programming.  At the very beginning the property is pointing to ListView RSSNameList. When the control flows to the if conditional sentence the variable s points to searchResults_itemTemplate (where the database record lies). OK, for now we can get the current value of the record index using variable idx and get any field (we are only interested in field Rss_URL which corresponds to the last field) value we want to fetch.

Things now become more complex; how can we dynamically assign the current RSS url to RssDataSource, the third-party server-side data source control?  My ugly solution to this is to resort to the method "__doPostBack."  According to my analysis, we cannot dynamically bind RssDataSource to Acccordion in some Web Service method. Thus, we have to seek anywhere else the CodeFile AjaxRssReader.aspx.cs. In this behind code we can achieve our goal to dynamically bind RssDataSource to Acccordion (note we cannot do this in the client-side JavaScript mode since RssDataSource is a server-side data source control).  This is why we find __doPostBack through which we can indirectly communicate the client-side controls with the server-side controls (where we can succeed in the dynamic binding).

OK, now we first create two dummy ASP.NET controls (you can certainly find your own way): a Button and a TextBox control. Since they should be "invisible" at run-time we set their sized to the smallest (1px X 1px) and accordingly set the background colors to LightGray (the background color of the "buttonarea" panel).

Author's Note:  You cannot directly set the property Visible of the two dummy controls to "false" or else you are sure to meet some run-time trouble. Just try it!

Next, by calling method "__doPostBack" above we indirectly call the server-side click event handler, dummySrvBtn_Click(object sender, EventArgs e), that is located inside the CodeFile AjaxRssReader.aspx.cs.  Here is the related source code for this function.

Listing 10

protected void dummySrvBtn_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
      RssDataSource1.Url = txtRssUrl2.Text.Trim();
      Accordion1.DataSourceID = "RssDataSource1";

For now, we do not dwell on this code but leave this in the next section.

By assigning the value of field Rss_URL to the attribute value (in relation to the server-side property Text) of the related HTML Input element txtRssUrl2.ClientID (in corresponding to the ASP.NET server-side IdtxtRssUrl2), we can succeed in transfering the data from the client side to the server side!

Finally, calling method "__doPostBack" will certainly trigger a whole page refresh, which is quite contrary to the original AJAX idea. This is why we have to introduce the ASP.NET AJAX server control UpdatePanel which is used to enclose the Accordion control. Note that we use the trigger AsyncPostBackTrigger to let the click event of button '"ummySrvBtn" to trigger the UpdatePanel.  Here is the related HTML code.

Listing 11

<asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">
            <asp:AsyncPostBackTrigger ControlID="dummySrvBtn" EventName="Click" />
            <ajaxToolkit:Accordion ID="Accordion1" 
                CssClass="myAccordion" HeaderCssClass="header"

And by the way, we add an UpdateProgress control to gain a better user experience.

Is the above an ugly solution?  I sincerely expect zealous readers to improve this and also welcome them to email me.

Displaying the Content

As for displaying the clicked item-related RSS contents, it is pretty easy for now. In fact, we have accomplished this task from the above listing. By dynamically assigning a value to property Url of control "RssDataSource1," binding it to control "Accordion1" and invoking method DataBind of "Accordion1," we can display the related RSS channel content that corresponds to the user clicked channel.

Author's Notes: First, by looking through the web I could not find the proper samples to dynamically assign data to control RssDataSource. Second, I have commented out the field author from inside the <ContentTemplate> block of control Accordion since there might exist RSS contents that do not contain this field. Because I am a newbie to the Rss Toolkit and control Accordion, I cannot find the more alternate solution for the programmer to dynamically control the displayable field of the RSS channel within the control Accordion. For all these reasons I had to make the test again and again and finally found the above ugly solution. So, it is just for your reference.

Let us take a look at our final fruit, as illustrated in the following figure.

Figure 5: The run-time snapshot of the sample after the user has clicked item "Scott Guthrie"

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User Comments

Title: Trouble with Sample Code   
Date: 2009-04-09 3:28:34 PM
Hello Xianzhong, I recently downloaded your sample code, did a little alteration to it and then compiled it. When I went to view it in a browser, after clicking on the "Add the RSS info" button, I get a javaScript error.

var datatable =g_RSSNameList.get_data(); throws a null reference exception.

After 2 days of trying to debug this, I am finally contacting you. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

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