Product Review: Accelerate SQL Stored Procedures Generation using e Tek Global's SQL SP Generator
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by Leonard Mwangi
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Select your Tables

This option was another brilliant development; the tool seems to be using Infragistics Controls on this screen. It gives you more options that are not available in other tools that I have used previously.

Figure 5

Some of the features that are displayed in Fig 5 above include:

You can define which stored procedures you would like to generate. The options that are displayed are based on the selection on the Choose Options screen. If you selected only to generate stored procedure for Insert and Update then you will not see the columns for Select, Select All and Delete.

You can filter the list by specifying the table name. As you see in Figure 5 I have a lot of tables displayed. If I start typing name of the table wanted just below the Table Column, SQL SP Generator will start filtering based on the word typed as show on Figure 6.

Figure 6



You can specify where you want to search the entry by clicking the “A” icon next to the blog.

Figure 7


You may have noticed that I even moved the columns around in the screen above. You can define custom filtering by clicking the dropdown and then a pop-up will be displayed.

Figure 8


Specifying columns and column Alias: You are even allowed to select the column names that need to be included in the stored procedure. If you would like any of the columns to be aliased, you can do that too. Also, if any of the fields are a foreign key, you can include the parent table in this select all and select single stored procedures as shown below in Figure 9.

Figure 9

Defining the default values: You can specify the default values for specific columns for the Insert, Update and delete procedures.

This step is the most flexible table selection I have seen so far. There are so many features on this screen that in order to explain all those features will use up one complete article.


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Title: Good Tool   
Name: NW
Date: 2007-09-17 10:51:17 AM
This tool is awesome. Thanks for sharing the info.

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