Explore Ways to Extend ASP.NET AJAX Client-Side Function
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Published: 08 Oct 2007
With the elegant integration with legacy ASP.NET applications and the introduction of fully object-oriented JavaScript, Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX has been attracting more and more web developers. In this article the author examines the typical ways to extend the ASP.NET AJAX framework from the client side.
by Xianzhong Zhu
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Microsoft AJAX framework provides three means for the developers to extend its client-side functionalitiesbehaviors, visual controls, and non-visual controls.  In cases where we want to extend the behavior of an existing DOM element, we can create a custom Behavior control that inherits from "Sys.UI.Behavior" class. While controls that derive from Sys.UI.Behavior extend the overall behavior of a DOM element, they donot modify the original purpose or intent of the control. When visual controls need to be created that modify the original intent of a DOM element and extend the element’s functionality, the Sys.UI.Control class can be used as the base class for the control. Controls are user interface elements that are associated with DHTML elements and they can manage and control all the rendering for that element. Non-visual controls that do not extend the behavior of a DOM element or extend its overall functionality should derive from the Sys.Component base class. In general, Components are reusable building blocks that can be created declaratively or programmatically. They can easily be wired up to each other through bindings or events and manage their own lifetime.

For the convenience of later discussion, let us first take a look at the relationships between the objects we are interested in.

Figure 1: Hierarchical relationships between Components, Behaviors and Controls

Now, let us look into the above three means one by one.

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Title: ZK@Web Marketing Blog   
Name: zk5182@yahoo.com
Date: 2009-06-03 1:35:51 AM
I downloaded the ASP.NET 2.0 PayPal Commerce Starter Kit (CSK) today for kicks and ended up creating a new provider, called InventoryProvider, that provides the basis for a more functional and feature-rich inventory management system. I say "provides the basis," because my immediate intentions were to do the minimal amount of work possible to have CSK use the provider and then add new features in increments later.

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