ASP.NET MVC Framework (Part 4): Handling Form Edit and Post Scenarios
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by Scott Guthrie
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Implementing Product Listing By Category

The first part of the site that we'll implement will be the Product Listing URL (/Products/Category/[CategoryId]):

Figure 8

We'll implement this functionality using the "Category" action on our ProductsController class.  We'll use our LINQ to SQL DataContext class, and the GetCategoryById helper method we added to it, to retrieve a Category object that represents the particular category indicated by the URL (for example: /Products/Category/3).  We'll then pass the Category object to the "List" view to render a response from it:

Figure 9

When implementing our List view we'll first update our page's code-behind to derive from ViewPage<Category> so that our page's ViewData property will be typed to the Category object that was passed by our Controller (Part 3 discusses this more):

Figure 10

We'll then implement our List.aspx like below:

Figure 11

The above view renders the Category name at the top of the page, and then renders a bulleted list of the Products within the category. 

Next to each product in the bulleted list is an "Edit" link.  We are using the Html.ActionLink helper method that I discussed in Part 2 to render a HTML hyperlink (for example: <a href="/Products/Edit/4">Edit</a>) that when pressed will navigate the user to the "Edit" action.  We are also then using the Html.ActionLink helper method again at the bottom of the page to render a <a href="/Products/New">Add New Product</a> link that when pressed will navigate the user to the "New" action.

When we visit the /Products/Category/1 URL and do a view-source in the browser, you'll notice that our ASP.NET MVC application has emitted very clean HTML and URL markup:

Figure 12

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Title: Stuck / adding Creat & New to my Controller.cs   
Name: Casey
Date: 2009-07-29 4:08:45 PM
I'm a newbie as if you don't hear that all day long.

I have setup a project that is to allow me to post information to a SQL database, and view the updated information. I can view just fine, however I'm stuck on where in my code to add the Create, and New Methods. If you would like to look at my code I can post it or email it.

Thank you,

Title: text search for an table in mvcframework   
Name: senthil
Date: 2009-02-07 8:42:22 AM
i want to make an text search on a column in a table.
for exampe i type a name in the text box and click a button then it should search the name in the column .

hope u help me

thanks in advance

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