Introducing ColdFusion
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by Debjani Mallick
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What is ColdFusion?

As I said earlier, it is a rapid developing environment. It consists of mainly the parts described below.

·         ColdFusion Scripting Language – It provides an efficient development model for Internet application. CFML sits at the heart of the scripting language.

·         ColdFusion Markup Language – CFML is a tag based language. It looks similar to HTML. It includes starting and ending tags. CFML increases productivity by providing a layer of abstraction that hides many of the low level details of application programming. At the same time, it is powerful and flexible. CFML includes approximately 110 tags and 280 built-in functions. The functionalities provided by them cover a large range including programming constructs such as loop structures, services such as charting and graphing, full text search, etc.

·         ColdFusion MX Administrator – This allows for configuring and managing the ColdFusion application server.

·         Verity Search Server – It is also known as the verity search engine which provides for full text search capability for data and documents on a ColdFusion site.

ColdFusion has been implemented on the Java technology platform and uses a J2EE server for many of its base services. It can be configured to use an embedded J2EE server or it can be deployed to as a J2EE application on an independent J2EE server.

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Title: mr   
Name: todd
Date: 2008-03-01 10:42:07 AM
"I am sure after reading this article you have developed a basic idea on ColdFusion."

But not why I'd want to use it....

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