Creating Agile Project Reports with TFS and Reporting Services - Part 2
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by Eric Landes
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Reporting Services

To create our Report, let us first open a Reporting Services project. On the reports folder, click on Add then click on New Item. In the dialog box in the Report Projects section, select Report (not report wizard) and name the report burndown.rdl. The data section of the report should display.  On that section go to the Dataset drop down, and select the <New Dataset…> option. In that dialog box name the dataset burndown, and make sure the data source shows the TFSWorkItemTracking shared data source. The command type should be set to text, then paste the SQL shown above in the query string.

After closing the dataset dialog box, you can now run the query to make sure data comes back.  Once you see data in that window, click on the layout tab to start creating the chart. From the toolbox, drag the chart onto your design area. Right click, and go to properties. We want to create a chart that shows the total points for each iteration. So we go to the data tab and select burndown from the Data source field. Next, we click on the Add button and on the Values tab at the Values drop down select =Sum(Fields!RunningTotal.Value).  In the Series Label add the title "Point Label."

Now in the categories group, click on the add button there. In the Group on section, select from the drop down =Fields!Iteration.Value. Also, under the label field, select the same value to print out the Iteration numbers for each point total.

Let us also add a matrix to this report to show actual totals. From the tool box drag the Matrix object beneath your chart. In that Matrix, for the Row, put the System_TeamProject and for the columns, put the Iteration. For the data, put the running total in. Finally, format the matrix with borders and bold headers as shown in Figure 1. 

Figure 1

Now your report is ready to print and put on the wall in your team room. Deploy that report to your TFS Server, and you can set up a subscription to email to you every 2 days.

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