Working with Amazon Search Web Service using ASP.NET
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Published: 10 Jun 2008
In this article, Anand examines the steps required to consume an Amazon Search Web Service using an ASP.NET application. After providing a short introduction, he examines the different approaches involved in the development of the application including the Request and Response classes. The article is well supported by the relevant code samples along with a comprehensive analysis of each of them.
by Anand Vijayan
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In the World Wide Web today there is always an increasing need to get information quickly. People do not want to spend time surfing on a personal computer looking for things. Mobile phones and PDA's are being used to get information that is needed on the move. One can browse for anything at a web site like and the Amazon Search Web service (referred to as ASWS in subsequent sections) has been designed for such a purpose. It provides as a bridge between the client (PDA or Cell Phone) and the Web Service (referred to as AWS in subsequent sections).

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Title: Base class   
Name: Sumit Rawat
Date: 2011-04-16 7:03:15 AM
where is the code for the "Base" class. The "Base" class is made parent for Request and Response classes, so it should be included in the web page. Please give me the code for the base class.
Title: Working with Amazon Search Web Service using ASP.NET   
Name: Vijil jones
Date: 2008-06-11 12:56:58 AM
How we get the Utility Class and other class

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