Sorting an Array of Custom Objects in C#
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by Sandesh Meda
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Method 2: Using the IComparer Interface

Sometimes, it might be necessary to have more flexibility in your sorting, for example, to provide which property you want to sort the Car array by. In situations like this, we would need to use the IComparer interface and use the overloaded Sort method that takes the comparer instance as an argument.

Step 1: Create a CarComparer class that implements the IComparer interface

Listing 6

class CarComparer: IComparer
  public enum ComparisonType
    Make = 1, Year, Location
  public ComparisonType ComparisonMethod
  public int Compare(object x, object y)
    Car c1;
    Car c2;
    if (x is Car)
      c1 = x as Car;
      throw new ArgumentException("Object is not of type Car.");
    if (y is Car)
      c2 = y as Car;
      throw new ArgumentException("Object is not of type Car.");
    return c1.CompareTo(c2, ComparisonMethod);

The main purpose of the CarComparer is to keep track of by what property we are sorting. It has a ComparisonType enum that has the property elements and an overloaded Compare method.

Step 2

Add an overloaded CompareTo to the Car class as shown in Listing 7.

Listing 7

public int CompareTo(Car c2, CarComparer.ComparisonType comparisonType)
  switch (comparisonType)
    case CarComparer.ComparisonType.Make:
      return Make.CompareTo(c2.Make);
    case CarComparer.ComparisonType.Year:
      return Year.CompareTo(c2.Year);
    case CarComparer.ComparisonType.Location:
      return Location.CompareTo(c2.Location);
      return Make.CompareTo(c2.Make);

That is it, we are done. We now have added the ability to sort by Make, Year or Location. Let us test it out.

Step 3

Listing 8

Car objCar = new Car();
ArrayList carArray = new ArrayList();
objCar.Make = "BMW";
objCar.Year = 2008;
objCar.Location = "Florida";
objCar = null;
objCar = new Car();
objCar.Make = "Honda";
objCar.Year = 1996;
objCar.Location = "Illinois";
objCar = null;
objCar = new Car();
objCar.Make = "Corvette";
objCar.Year = 2006;
objCar.Location = "ZZ";
objCar = null;
CarComparer carComparer = new CarComparer();
carComparer.ComparisonMethod = CarComparer.ComparisonType.Location;

We use the overloaded Sort method that takes an instance of the CarComparer class. To sort by other properties, change the ComparisonMethod as shown below.

carComparer.ComparisonMethod = CarComparer.ComparisonType.Year

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