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Getting Started

Getting Started

The way that the personalization (that we are going to use) works is by storing a long (10 character) string of just numbers. The string would look something like - 0001010001. Then the page looks at that string and pulls it apart to then find out what you want displayed and then shows it. This seems complicated but its quite simple. For the purposes of this demonstration, the personalization string will be stored in a Session variable, usually you would store it in a cookie or a database (or both), but lets keep it simple.

First I just created the page for the information, plain and simple HTML. You should put things like includes in the appropriate places if you want. The page I did looks like this -

Then I moved onto the ASP Coding. I began to split the page up into Subroutines of each section. The following is the one for the index. There were also ones for each of the sections, The header, footer and the middle bit between the two columns.

Sub page_in()
<font face="Verdana" size="5" color="#800000">InfoStuff
Index</font><hr noshade color="#C0C0C0" size="1">
<font face="Arial" size="2">News<br>
Stock Markets<br>
<a href="pers.asp">Personalize</a><br>
End Sub

These subs can be called whenever you want that section of the page to appear. We'll leave it at that for now.

We currently have -

  • The complete front page and all of the information that could be on it.

  • We have split it up into subs, one for each section as well as header, footer and the inner bit (this is just a '</td><td>' type thing)

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