Build an AJAX Based ASP.NET Web Tag Application - Part 2
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by Xianzhong Zhu
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In this article, we have built a simple web tag application with the help of the two client-side Ajax frameworks - and Prototype. We have provided the basic support for adding, editing, removing, and moving functionalities of the web tag and related categories.

In terms of the system design, we use the server side to undertake the database related business manipulations, while the client side takes the responsibility of launching the Ajax requests to associated pages in order to achieve the corresponding function, which, in fact, is the simplest mode of Ajax calling.

As you have seen, many of the server-side .aspx pages have no page-related contents to output, which seems to be of some redundancy. So, as a relaxing homework, I recommend you integrate these behind codes into the .aspx.cs file of the main page or one independent class, and then use the client side JavaScript code to invoke them, which will result in a clearer and more efficient system design. To achieve this aim, one of the feasible solutions is to resort to the server side related Ajax frameworks, such as ASP.NET AJAX, AjaxPro.NET, through which to invoke the methods of the newly-defined class. So, why not make an attempt with this new idea?

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Title: Thanks   
Name: Cong Doan
Date: 2009-04-13 11:17:25 AM
Thanks for your Article! It's wonderful!

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