Introducing Microsoft Velocity
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Published: 12 Jan 2009
In this article Andrea examines the newly distributed cache framework code named Velocity. After a brief introduction he provides the required steps to setup and configure a cache cluster and the usage of distributed cache from an ASP.NET web application. He also demonstrates the procedure to integrate the Velocity SessionProvider in an existing web application with the help of relevant source code and screen shots. Andrea lists a few reference links including that of the feature matrix which he created for this article.
by Andrea Colaci
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Velocity is a Microsoft project; in CTP2, its goal is to provide a distributed, performing and highly available cache to our applications. Velocity could be integrated in Web and Desktop applications as well. And thanks to a simple API, it is possible to perform basic operations like putting and getting managed objects from cache, and also more complex operations like locking and searching by several criteria.

One of the features that make Velocity an interesting project is High Availability. This is obtained creating and using a cache cluster, made of multiple servers that together run distributed cache service, transparently managing in-memory storage of our managed objects, their consistency, search and optionally the confinement in specific regions and servers and, in the case of sudden server failure, the redundancy by storing copies of our cached objects on secondary servers.

To better understand Velocity and compare it against existing cache frameworks, I have built this feature matrix.

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