Beginning Test Driven Development
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Published: 03 Mar 2009
Many developers want to learn to use the practices of Test Driven Development. In this article, Brendan explains how to get started writing tests before writing code. He uses code snippets of tests and the implementation code to demonstrate some practices he uses when testing.
by Brendan Enrick
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As a software developer, it is nearly impossible to miss all the hype which has been revolving around Test Driven Development. Many people and organizations are embracing this old, but newly popular, idea. There are testing frameworks, mocking frameworks, IoC containers, and plenty of other tools used by testers. There are a variety of different ways to go about testing, so I will begin by stating that there are alternatives to what I describe in this article. I am merely trying to explain using a style of testing similar to what I use.

In this article I will be using a few tools that you will want to have if you plan on following along. Alternatively, if you download the sample application it is bundled such that the required DLLs are included with the project.

Tools Used In the Article

·         Visual Studio 2008 - Development Environment

·         RhinoMocks - Mocking framework

·         NUnit - Testing framework

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