Reporting 101: Understanding the Why, What, and How of Reporting Solutions
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Published: 24 Apr 2009
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This introductory look at reporting clearly establishes what a reporting solution is, how reports differ from documents, and why you should adopt a reporting solution for your organization. Delivering business critical reports has never been more important, and this white paper explains the why, what, and how of Reporting Solutions you need to get the job done.
by Telerik
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There is no question about it: global economic times are tough right now. Businesses are faced with increasing pressure to find ways to optimize their operations and “tighten their belts” to continue delivering value and making a profit. Surviving these times and continuing to grow your business requires that you fully understand the way your business is operating. It requires that you have the right information at the right time to make important business decisions.

The key to delivering that information to business decision makers in a timely fashion is reports. Reports are something everybody has heard of before, and they are ubiquitous in most business environments. Usually, the term “report” is used to describe any document or display that contains data, but when you start talking about “reporting,” a report has a more specific definition that can sometimes be difficult to understand.

In this quick introductory look at reporting, we’ll try to clearly establish what a reporting solution is, how reports differ from documents, why you should adopt a reporting solution for your organization, and how Telerik’s Reporting solution is the perfect fit for delivering the business critical reports you need.

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