Azure Basics - Say 'Hello' to the Cloud
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by Shaun Eutsey
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Azure Cloud Deployment

Once you get your account information and your Azure Services Account set up, you can now publish the application to the cloud.

You'll need to right click the HelloAzure project and select Publish.

This builds the application and outputs two files to the bin directory, HelloAzure.cspkg and HelloAzure.cscfg.  These file will need be referenced from your cloud dashboard, which will pop up automatically when the application is done publishing.

For deployment to the cloud, now that the Azure Services Development Portal is open is to simply click deploy!

Now, you'll be asked for the two files that were created during the deployment as well as a label.

After filling in everything, click Deploy.

At that point the portal will go out to your PC, and "suck up" the application into the cloud.  This takes a little time, but it puts everything out in the cloud, which, for all intents and purposes, can be anywhere.  The application will be uploaded to the staging area.  To deploy to production, just hit the  button.

And there you go.  You can now bring up your cloud application by navigating to *AppName*

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User Comments

Title: cannot see the log in Fabric UI   
Name: Euo
Date: 2009-09-08 1:38:08 AM
I can't see the log in Fabric UI created through 'RoleManager.WriteToLog()' ? What would I need to check?
Title: Azure Basics - Say 'Hello' to the Cloud   
Name: Jow Long
Date: 2009-05-14 4:29:17 AM
Great article

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