Dynamically creating DeepZoom composition
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Published: 22 May 2009
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Explore the process of creating the files to support DeepZoom composition (image pyramids and dz xml files). Assumes a basic understanding of deepzoom. The foundation for the article can be seen on my blog: problog.jamespritz.com.
by James Pritz
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Admittedly, the need to create an image pyramid in code is not often encountered in system requirements; unless, of course, one is developing a composer for DeepZoom or any other zooming technology.  Microsoft's DeepZoom composer has the designer aspect covered, so this article actually assumes the road less traveled, hypothesizing that one could imagine a need to create image pyramids, and consequently "image collections" and "compositions" on the fly.  Two examples immediately come to mind, the first of which inspired this article. 

Writing from experience, an automobile body shop quality assurance department is required to review, often many, high resolution images of vehicle damage; these images are uploaded from the body shop, and typically loaded onto a viewing webpage at full resolution, which becomes increasingly tedious.  An alternative is to use DeepZoom, which requires a process to dynamically create these necessary DeepZoom files, following the upload of the original images, so that they can be presented in a zoom-able thumbnail viewer on demand.   As a second example, this process could also be used in a photo sharing application, allowing users to upload high resolution pictures without requiring the viewer to download huge image files.

Target Audience

The reader should have a basic understanding of zooming technology, not necessarily of Microsoft's implementation (DeepZoom).  Most importantly, the reader should know what an image pyramid is.  Silverlight experience is helpful, as it will help the reader visualize the implementation; however, this article focuses mainly on the code used to create an image pryamid, which primarily involves using objects from the System.Drawing namespace and some IO.  Reader should also have a moderate understanding of modern programming languages and concepts; this article uses C#, but can be clearly understood.


This article focuses primarily on the process of creating an image pyramid.

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