Dynamically creating DeepZoom composition
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by James Pritz
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All of the code for this article can be found here.  Although this article only focuses on the creation of an image pyramid, this code can be used to process several images, creating the image pyramids as well as the collection and basic thumbnail composition.  This download supplements the code in this article with the following.

·         Classes that represent, and can be serialized to (and conversely de-serialized from) the dz definition files for DeepZoom.  ** this article does not cover that process, but the reader should be able to reverse engineer from the code.

·         Classes that automate the creation of dz files and folder structure necessary to support DeepZoom.  Again, not covered in this article.

·         Classes that can be extended to create customized input and output, including customized compositions.


·         My Blog: http://problog.jamespritz.com

·         All of the code to create the pyramid, as well as the DZ files, was reverse engineered from the output generated by Microsoft's DeepZoom Composer, Preview 2 from October 2008.  This, as well as many other resources can be downloaded via silverlight.net.

·         A basic example of the output can be found on my personal website, at http://www.jamespritz.com/myfirst/deepzoom/viewer.aspx.  The images were created with the code in this article.

·         A comprehensive explanation of image pyramids and zooming technology can be found on msdn.microsoft.com, under Design Tools, Deep Zoom Composer.  This site was instrumental to my understanding of DeepZoom and Silverlight.

·         http://gasi.ch/blog/ - Daniel Gasienca's Blog, much of which focuses on Zooming, especially OpenZoom.

·         http://grou.ps/zooming - Zooming users group.

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