Cross domain access policy in Silverlight applications
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Published: 02 Jun 2009
In this article, Sergey examines the role of cross domain access policy in Silverlight. After a short introduction, he examines the interaction between client and server as well as a list of threats which may occur in rich internet applications. He also provides steps to take in order to prevent attacks and operation of Crossdomain Client Access Policy with the help of relevant screenshots and source code.
by Sergey Zwezdin
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We can see serious movements that took place in the development of applications during the last years. 5-10 years ago the majority of applications were desktop. Today web-applications also become popular.

Web-applications become popular, so the market of technologies is changing. We can see that a Silverlight application becomes more popular. It is a class of applications which are named Rich Internet Applications.

Undoubtedly, a way of interaction with a server is one of the main factors of web-applications developing. Interaction with a server should be simple and convenient, it is important.

Today interactions with a server in Silverlight applications are usually built through web-services. Web-services assume data exchange in XML format between a client and a server via protocol SOAP or REST. Besides, client’s applications can request other resources from a server. Undoubtedly, all these ways present the developer with convenient tools for an applications building. However, such forms of interaction contain certain threats.

Let us have a look at ways of Silverlight applications interaction with a server, and then we will find out what threats exist and how they can be eliminated.

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