Review: ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Quickly
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by Brendan Enrick
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Maarten starts the book as most books are written, with an introductory chapter giving general information about the topic. This is to be expected from any book. If you have some familiarity with MVC, I recommend skipping the chapter. If you are completely new to MVC then certainly read on from the beginning.

He very quickly dives into creating the first application with ASP.NET MVC, but takes care not to delve too deeply into the details just yet. Since he dives right in, he is mostly just skimming over details to get the reader into MVC.

Interacting with MVC, information about the framework, and routing are in the chapters to follow. This is when the meat of the book really starts talking about MVC details. These are the chapters that you will really want to understand since they are the core components of MVC.

In the later part of the book, Maarten covers customizations you can perform on MVC using ASP.NET forms with ASP.NET MVC and keeping user experiences rich with AJAX.

One topic that everyone else seems to see as central to MVC is testing, so of course he added information on testing the application at the end of the book. I admit that I write unit tests and use testing to ensure quality and maintainability in the code I write, but I am against the idea that MVC is designed the way it is for testing purposes. MVC is a pattern that separates concerns in ways which allow testing to be achieved. In general, it is a pattern which should give more control to the developer than the forms model did. This is the power of MVC.

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User Comments

Title: RE: table of contents?   
Name: Brendan Enrick
Date: 2009-10-19 8:51:55 AM
You can find the table of contents for the book here.
Title: table of contents?   
Name: asp
Date: 2009-10-19 6:25:51 AM
is there a table of contents?

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