Load Testing Crystal Reports with High Shareability Caching
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by Eric Landes
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NonCached Test Results

The test is set up with a constant user load count of 25. The warm up time for the test is three minutes and the test duration runs for 15 minutes. Again, this is a simple test to see if caching pays off in this scenario. We could increase the durations and load counts to really stress the system, but we are not after that here.

After the test ran, we wanted to see how many pages were served, and what the response times were. See Figure 2 for a representation of the results summary. 

Figure 2: Results Summary for NonCached load test


You will notice the Average Page time on the right hand side, which is for the top 5 SLOWEST pages. These times are actually faster than the Cached test, which is shown in a later section.  Looking through the summary report, we find that the average test time for AllNonCached.webtest is 559 seconds. And the average test time for CustomerNonCached.webtest is 87.9.

Digging into the AllNonCached results, we find that there are no test failures. That probably has to do with not putting in any validation rules in the test. The only errors would be with the web server not returning data, and that was not a problem in this case. The results also show that AllNonCached was run 26 times.

Digging into the CustomerNonCached, we find again no test failures. And for the same reasons, this web test had no validation rules. This test was run 13 times during the 15 minutes. 

Other interesting data comes from the Controller and Agents resource category. For this test we learn that the only instance used the processor 93.16% of the time. And the available memory at test completion was 113Kb.

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