Extensible Output Caching with ASP.NET 4 (VS 2010 and .NET 4.0 Series)
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by Scott Guthrie
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ASP.NET 4 Output Cache Extensibility

ASP.NET 4 adds an extensibility point to output caching that now enables developers to configure one or more custom output-cache providers. Output-cache providers can use any storage mechanism to persist output cached content. This makes it possible to easily create output-cache providers that store the cached content using any persistence mechanism – including local or remote disks, databases, cloud storage, and distributed cache engines (like memcached or velocity).

You can create a custom output-cache provider by creating a class that derives from the new System.Web.Caching.OutputCacheProvider class in ASP.NET 4.  Within your derived class you then override 4 public methods that provide implementations for adding/removing/retrieving/updating cached content (a unique key is passed to identify each separate cached entry).  You can then configure ASP.NET 4 to use your custom outputcache provider by registering it using the new <providers> subsection of the <outputCache> element within an application’s web.config file:

Above I’ve added a new output cache provider (which I’ve named “SampleCache”) that is implemented using the “ScottOutputCache” class within my OutputCacheSample.dll assembly.  I’ve also configured ASP.NET to use my “SampleCache” implementation as the default output cache implementation whenever content is output cached – this is done by setting the “defaultProvider” attribute on the <outputCache> element. 

And now, when I add an OutputCache directive to the top of any of .aspx page the content will be cached and stored using my ScottOutputCache provider:

<%@ OutputCache Duration="60" VaryByParam="None" %>

Likewise, if I add an [OutputCache] attribute on any action method within an ASP.NET MVC Controller the content will also be cached and stored using my ScottOutputCache provider:

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