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by Anand Narayanaswamy
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The first step is to select a template for the site from the Source Files tab by clicking the Browse link as shown below. The software ships with six different templates and the first template includes different color variations which you can select by clicking the Color Style drop down box.

It would be better if you prepare the articles which you have to include on the site in Text format before proceeding further as it will simplify the entire process. I noticed that if one article is selected then all the articles inside the folder will be added to the Article Lists box as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 – Adding Articles

Finally, you need to specify the location of output folder where the site pages will be placed. You should note that software creates each site locally before it automatically uploads them to the server.

As you will observe, each site which you create using the software will be saved as a project. Hence, even if you want to update the site at a later point of time, you just need to open the relevant project and work on it by adding additional articles.

The next step is to provide the Meta name, Meta description and Meta keywords by clicking Site Info tab for search engine optimization purpose as shown in Figure 2. You can also easily monetize the site using Google Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank affiliate programs.

Figure 2 – Options for SEO

As you can see from the above screenshot, it is possible to adjust the position of adsense ads very easily. You can either directly place them below the title or can wrap it along the content.

The software also provides an ability to display either a random article or site map on the home page. It also includes options for displaying menus, banners and links. You can easily exchange links with other sites by simply adding the new link and uploading the updated site to the server. Moreover, you can also import articles from and display an image either on the sidebar or above article title in addition to a customized header.

The software also generates a privacy policy page, contact page and automatically submits your site feed to a RSS feed site, which I hope can bring in more traffic to your site. The product also includes built-in support for youtube videos, google analytics, adsense clicklock, adsense channels and Eds tracker code.

After going through the above mentioned steps, you should locally create the site by clicking Create Site link. Once you have finished creating the site, you need to upload the site files to the server by providing the relevant credentials by selecting FTP Upload tab.

Figure 3 – FTP Upload Screenshot

As you can see from the above screenshot, the software displays the progress of each action and a message box will be displayed at the end of the whole process. You can now navigate to the website to which you have uploaded the files.

The product not only enables you to create sites quickly but also helps you to promote them by submitting the sitemap to popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and Bing. I was able to all sites except MSN. I would suggest the vendor to integrate social bookmarking sites in the next version of the product as it will help to generate backlinks for the sites you have created.

I very much liked the functionality of the product as I only need to populate articles and provide few options as discussed above. The software does the rest of the painful job of site creation automatically. I feel that if I had not used the software then it will take minimum of seven days to create a site from scratch.

The software ships with five high CTR premium templates. However, you can also use your own template by using the code tokens. I am sure that the software will help you to earn more revenue if you can correctly tap into high paying niches and by creating unique keyword rich content.

I noticed that the software is not only flexible but also works very fast and is a huge time saver. Moreover, the vendor provides excellent support directly through e-mail and also provides tips to monetize and improve your site in PDF format. You have to place a request to the vendor after the purchase of Site2Traffic in order to access the PDF file. However, a detailed comprehensive documentation file is included with the download package which will help you to get start with the software quickly.

I highly recommend Site2Traffic if you would like to build search engine friendly web sites rapidly and in a minimum amount of time by including all the features of a dynamic site.

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