Deploy and Test an Azure App with Platform Ready
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by Steven Smith
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Install a Certificate

Another requirement for Windows Platform Ready is the presence of a certificate with your Azure account.  You don’t need to purchase a certificate – you can use a self-signed one that you can easily create with IIS on your local dev machine.  David Aiken has a nice blog post on how to create a certificate for Windows Azure that I used for these steps.

First, open IIS Manager and click on your computer name.  Then double-click on Server Certificates from the IIS section in the main window, as shown here:

Description: C:\Users\Steve\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTMLe8c03a.PNG

Next, click on the Create Self-Signed Certificate option on the right.  Specify a name for the cert (e.g. “AzureCert”).  You should then see it listed in the list of Server Certificates:

Close IIS manager and open Certificate Manager (Start -> Run -> certmgr.msc).  Open the Trusted Root Certification Authorities and click on Certificates.  Locate your certification by sorting on the Friendly Name column and finding the name you provided.

Description: C:\Users\Steve\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTMLeba263.PNG

Now right click on your cert and choose All Tasks -> Export.

Select No, do not export the private key and click Next.  Select DER encoded (the default) for the file format and click Next.  Specify the file name and path (e.g. c:\AzureCert.cer) making sure to name it with the .cer extension.  Verify the options and click Finish.

Description: C:\Users\Steve\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTMLede1c4.PNG

Now back in the browser, in the Azure Management Portal, click on Management Certificates.  Choose Add Certificate from the ribbon menu.  Be sure the correct subscription is selected, then browse to the .cer file you just exported, and click OK.

Your application is now ready for MPR testing and verification!



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User Comments

Title: Got my Check   
Name: Steve Smith
Date: 2011-06-15 10:11:47 AM
FYI - about 4 weeks after completing these steps I did receive a check for $250 from Microsoft as part of the promotion described here.

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